10 Ways to Help Your Child Swim With Confidence

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“It’s all about the confidence”

– Gok Wan

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Clearly, this cat is super water confident! 🙂

I love swimming even though I can’t really swim, it’s never stopped me from going in the water and trying to. I have always told myself that when I have children, they will learn to swim. This was an essential goal for me. For the fear of them drowning and just wanting to equip them with the best skills in life, I feel like swimming is one of those things everyone should know how to do.

I took LO to many months of swimming classes with Water Babies from when he was 6 months old until he was about over a year old. They taught him survival skills like holding his breath underwater which was great. Children under three actually don’t have the physical strength yet to physically swim but they can be taught how to get themselves out of trouble should they fall in water. It’s also said the sooner to start the better when it comes to water survival skills as it’s easier to teach when their gag reflex is still strong (from birth to approx. 6 months). However, I couldn’t afford to keep us going there and stopped our swimming altogether. Sad to say, I think he’s probably forgotten all of his swimming survival skills now but I know for sure he hasn’t lost his confidence in the water, regardless of whether he can swim or not.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Water Confidence with Fusion Lifestyle
LO (11 months) after months of learning water survival skills

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Monday Morning Catch Up #12

Hello everyone – sorry for the late post, my shifts at work have changed again so I’m working on Mondays again and it was a late one. I’ve just got home at 8:30 today, made the dinner (yes, we eat really late in our household) and finally was able to jump on the PC and do some blogging – YAY!

During the week

My volunteering days were fabulous as always. The children are doing so well with their reading and we’re having so much fun. We’ve been playing Junior Scrabble “Dora the Explorer” edition which is really fun. One side is in English and the other in Spanish which is quite cool as the children are learning some Spanish words without even trying or knowing! 🙂

LO is doing so well at nursery as well. I had a little meeting with his new key carer last week as they’re starting to move LO up to the toddlers room which is fabulous news as in our nursery it’s a little crowded and a lot of the kids around LO’s age can’t move to the toddlers room until September so we’re very lucky. I think LO will really love the new toddlers room but he’s got a massive habit of sleeping for a long time late afternoon which is a problem as he does the afternoon sessions at nursery so I’ve been told I need to make LO nap at home before he goes…. not that easy if you know how stubborn LO can be but I’ll definitely give it a try as I don’t want him to miss out on fun stuff there.

On the weekend

Saturday was a really chillout day for us – we didn’t do much. It was warm weather from what I can remember and just took LO out to the nearby locations and to the shop. We did pass by Woolwich as there was a mini festival going on; there were food stalls, face painting, make-your-own-masks for children, and even Tai Chi lessons for the public to take part in.

Sunday was a much more fun day. We had met up with a friend and went to The Greenwich Centre to test out the new swimming pool. It’s family swim from 09:00-13:00 every Sunday in the teaching pool which has just a shallow depth of 1 metre (0.7 metres at both ends of the pool). LO was having so much fun and it’s been so long since our swimming days with Water Babies. We were there from 11am til closing time which was 1pm as they need everybody out to clean and maintain the pool, getting it ready for the next sessions. There was a good number of mums and dads swimming with their little ones but not too many to cause one to feel over-crowded in the water which was great.

LO started misbehaving and tried to jump into the pool, run on the sides of the pool and have fun with the steps into the pool. Usually I wouldn’t mind his crazy behaviour but with possible dangers so close by, I felt like I was having mini panic-attacks each time he did something. I’m hoping that this ‘crazy’ phase will pass and it’s just because it’s the first time he’s been in a pool in ages so hopefully with a few more exposures he’ll be as good as gold again!

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