Look Fantastic Black Friday beauty box review 2019

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Look Fantastic Black Friday 2019 Beauty Box review

With the lead-up to Christmas, I always end up taking forever to write up my Black Friday beauty box. You may remember a few years ago I finally wrote my 2016 Black Friday box review… a year later! LOL It’s a mix between procrastination, being busy with family and the children (I had Little Miss in April 2016) and then being sleep-deprived meant that anything I did, I took like a million years to do so. I’m a little faster this year, only a month out! Haha! 🙂

The Black Friday Edit box: first impressions…

On first impressions, the box looks pretty fancy!

I really like the black and gold marble design and the gold text ‘The Black Friday Edit‘ adds modernity to the box. I can’t seem to find the 2017 design however the ‘Back for Black’ 2018 was super sleek and was actually my favourite design but I never bought the box.

I’m happy with the design of this year’s box and the products look really good. I can see one repeat product (the eyeliner) from last year but the others are new. I think for 2020 I would love to see a new design however something similar to this year’s or last year’s would be fantastic. Now let’s get on to the products…

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Look Fantastic Black Friday 2019 Beauty Box review

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Look Fantastic Black Friday 2019 Beauty Box review
The Black Friday Edit: I love the fancy black and gold design

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Beauty Box Review

What’s in the box?

Here are the products I got in my Look Fantastic Black Friday 2019 box:

  • Luxie 504 Large Angled Brush*
  • Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Exfoliating Moisturiser
  • Eve Lom Cleanser including facial cloth
  • CiatĂ© London Glow-To Highlighter*
  • We Are Paradoxx Hangover Hair Elixir
  • Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm (Scarlet Sorbet)*
  • Eyeko Eye Do Mini Liner
  • Seoulista Beauty Charcoal Mask
  • Naobay Radiance Body Lotion*
  • Crystal Clear 10-minute Glow mask

The majority of the items are full-sized products. I’ve added a star (*) next to my favourite products which I am still using now. I’ll write a little more below about why I love them so much…

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Look Fantastic Black Friday 2019 Beauty Box review
Inside this year’s box / Photo Credit: Look Fantastic

Luxie 504 Large Angled Brush * (my fave!)

I absolutely ADORE this brush! I’m not sure if it’s because of the pretty pink handle or the softness of the synthetic bristles, but I do know it’s a really good brush. One of my favourite angled brushes and currently my go-to for when I need to apply my bronzer or highlighter across cheeks and hollow for contouring. It’s super soft and so easy to use whether you have powder or cream textures.

I can’t seem to find the brush for sale on the LF website, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s because it’s sold out. There is the Luxie 741 angled contour brush which would be a good alternative.

Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Exfoliating Moisturiser

For a long time I really thought I had combination skin with an oily t-zone. Turned out that my skin isn’t actually oily but dehydrated. When the skin is severely dehydrated (lacking in water, tight-feeling skin) it will start producing excess sebum. To re-balance the skin, I introduced serums and facial oils into my skincare routine which has helped a lot.

Dr. Dennis Gross’ Alpha Beta exfoliating moisturiser is a product that really works. The ingredients list checks out and even though this product does contain silicones (dimethicone! there are other cones too) which I am not keen on but it’s near the end of the ingredients list which is a little more forgiving. The creamy texture is lightweight but hydrating and once applied, my skin feels super smooth and matte soft.

Packed with a cocktail alpha-beta acids and fruit actives, this moisturiser not only hydrates and brightens the skin, it also improves radiance (ginger) and re-balances the sebum production (lavender). When using this moisturiser, I avoid using my usual peeling exfoliator (The Ordinary AHA/BHA peeling solution) on the same day. I’d use my facial oil and day cream in the morning then use the peel in the evening before my night routine. Remember to use a sunscreen during the day when using skincare products with AHA acids (Alpha Hydroxyl Acids; Glycloic, Lactic, Tartaric and Citric).

Also be aware that excessive exfoliation can over-stimulate the skin which can cause uneven skin tone, hyper-pigmentation, sensitivity and redness. So use with caution – you’re using two or more exfoliating products daily or regularly, you could be over-exfoliating.

Eve Lom Cleanser

I’ve heard so much about this Eve Lom cleanser. It’s a trending product and so many beauty magazines rave about it so I was very intrigued to see it in my box. I haven’t tried it out because when I look at the ingredients, the first ingredient is Paraffinum Liquidum… also known as Mineral Oil – same stuff baby oil is made from. Not bad, but it doesn’t scream out luxury to me like how the brand markets itself. They also use lanolin which is a great emollient for dry skin (it’s used in nipple creams) but again, I expect more from Eve Lom. Where’s the high quality oils like rosehip oil, jojoba oil or evening primrose? There’s none.

I’m not impressed… and the 8ml sample size pot is even more laughable.

If you love rich balm cleansers, you’d be better off with the Elemis Pro-Collagen cleansing balm which is only ÂŁ43.00 for 5g/5ml more (1ml = 1g) and contains skin nourishing oils however you can’t use this product to remove eye makeup. Another great value-for-money alternative is the Trilogy Makeup Be Gone cleansing balm 80ml for ÂŁ20.50 (more than half the Eve Lom price!) which is on my to-buy list and can be used for both face and eyes. Winner!

Ciaté London Glow-To Highlighter (shade: Celestial) * (my fave!)

The packaging of this highlighter is so pretty. The CiatĂ© Glow-To highlighter is a powder texture, almost baked-like. The Celestial shade is beautiful (an iridescent peach/gold shade) and perfect for my medium olive skin tone. Little Miss likes putting this stuff on herself too and it also looks beautiful on her caramel complexion. The shimmer is very strong so you really only need a light sweep and you’ll be good to go!

I liked brushing it over the top of my nose, under the brow bone and lightly dab over cheekbones. The little mirror is really helpful and a useful tool for anyone who likes doing their makeup/touch-ups as they go. Be careful as it does crumble easily, well… mine did anyway.

We Are Paradoxx Hangover Hair Elixir
Free from parabens, PEGs, sulphates, perfume, mineral oil and toxins.

I’ve not used this leave-in hair treatment just yet but will get round to trying it once I’ve washed my hair. I’m glad that Look Fantastic are including more vegan-friendly products in their beauty boxes. The We Are Paradoxx hair elixir contains silica and alcohol which is also why I am a little hesitant to try out the product. It does says that the alcohol content comes from the Irish whiskey and the silica (natural quartz, absorbs moisture) – which is different from silicone (a synthetic plastic). The hair elixir isn’t exactly CG-friendly but if you decide to give it a go, see how your hair reacts then make sure you give your hair a good cleanse the next wash day with a low-poo cleanser or an ACV (apple cider vinegar) or rice water rinse.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Look Fantastic Black Friday Box review
Inside this year’s LF Black Friday Box

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm (shade: Scarlet Sorbet) * (my fave!)

Infused with shea butter, this Pixi lip balm keeps my lips soft and hydrated throughout the day. I do find that I have to re-apply but no more than my usual lip balm. The Scarlet Sorbet is really pretty like a bitten lip red colour but because it’s a lip balm, it’s more of a subtle tint than full on pigment.

It’s one of my favourite product because it’s something I can use daily and it does the job very well at keeping my lips moist. I also like using it in-between top-ups with my Doucce liquid lipstick (fave shades are rusty red and red velvet). It’s one of the best tinted lip balms that I’ve tried and is a staple item in my beauty bag.

Eyeko Eye Do Mini Liner

So this eyeliner is the only product that made it into both last year and this year’s box. Perhaps people just really love the Eyeko Eye Do eyeliner! I think I had this product from another beauty box before and did enjoy using it. I never got the chance to use it this time round as Little Miss got her hands on my box when I was at work one day and decided to use it like a marker pen… then left the lid off. Yep, it died that same day which is sad times as it seems like a really good eyeliner.

I love pens as they give the user much more control when drawing the line. Liquid brushes create the best thin lines but are so tricky to get right and when you’re short on time, it’s way to fiddly. If you like doing your makeup on the go, I’d recommend using a pen like this one by Eyeko.

Seoulista Beauty Charcoal Mask
Free from parabens, sulphates, mineral oil and artificial colours.

Seoulista is a Korean skincare brand and everybody knows how amazing Korean skincare is so what’s not to love about this natural purifying face mask? Get a thorough deep-cleanse without stripping the skin thanks to the charcoal and volcanic ash extract. Unfortunately my skin is too dehydrated to use this mask so I’ve given it a miss.

Seoulista offer a few other types: super-hydration (hydration) version as well as a gold glow (anti-ageing) and brightening (radiance) so I’ll have to get my hands on one of these instead!

Naobay Radiance Body Lotion * (my fave!)

I love this body lotion so much. It’s lightweight but totally hydrating on the skin… no wonder why it’s completely sold out on Look Fantastic! Hopefully they will restock this item soon as I’m sure many people will be chomping at the ankles for this.

Naobay is a natural skincare and body care brand hailing from Australia. I do love my Aussie natural skincare brands! Enriched with olive oil, shea butter and avocado oil, Naobay’s radiance body lotion is going to leave your body feeling super soft and nourished. The soothing aloe vera extract helps to calm and protect the skin, this lotion would be gorgeous in the summer.. better stock up now!

Crystal Clear 10 Minute Glow

Another sold out product on Look Fantastic! This peel-off mask is said to work its magic on your skin in just 10 minutes, leaving you with a radiant glow. Again, it’s another deep cleansing product so a pass from me but lots of people seem to love it. You can choose to apply this Crystal Clear 10mins glow mask over the whole face or just on targeted areas ie nose, forehead, chin.

With alcohol denat present, I would assume that this product will leave your skin feeling ‘squeaky clean’ and matte soft. Just be careful if you have skin that’s a little on the dehydrated side as it will make it drier.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Look Fantastic Black Friday beauty box review

…and that’s a wrap!

I hope you enjoyed this beauty unboxed review – I really love reviewing beauty boxes but I get so lazy to write it all up! I guess one of my new year’s resolution can be to make sure I always review my unboxing. I need to find a better way putting up the content because I can never get those beautifully curated shots like other beauty bloggers. When you have two messy-wild kids to manage, the house is always a state and I’d be lucky to find a corner of peace where I can shoot from… however, there is a little co-working space next door to me so I might have to take a look and see what they can offer. 🙂

Happy Holidays!

P I N  T H I S  P O S T!

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Look Fantastic Black Friday Box Review

GlossyBox UK January review

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger | Family & Lifestyle Blog

I’ve not been a GlossyBox subscriber in a little while so last month I decided to give it a try again and have fallen in love with the beauty box once again. The December box was fantastic and had a different packaging from its standard pretty pink shade.

There was also a promo on for December; two boxes for the price of one so of course I couldn’t miss out on subscribing! I really need to write a review for those boxes too so will post those up soon. Blogging has become a little tricky again with everything else going on in life but I guess that is life – it doesn’t always run as smoothly as you want it to.

I really felt like GlossyBox UK have stepped up their game in these past couple of months. The products in December’s box were fantastic and the same with January’s box too.

Here’s what I got in mine:

  • Evelyn Iona Cosmetics green tea primer
  • Dr. Botanicals Moroccan rose superfood facial oil (my fave product)
  • Nail Medic nail and cuticle energizer
  • Apicia cream blush
  • Boots beauty beneath supplements (60 capsules)

My favourite product out of all these has to be the Dr. Botanicals Moroccan rose facial oil followed closely by the Evelyn Iona cosmetics primer.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Glossybox January 2018 Review
Photo Credit: Glossybox

The facial oil is nothing like I’ve used before – it’s really light and more of a liquid texture and consistency than oil. This superfood product is packed with vitamins and minerals including vitamin C (helps to make the skin look more radiant), vitamin A (an antioxidant that helps reduce the signs of ageing) and almond oil (nourishing to the skin).

I think this facial oil would suit combination to oily skin types a little more than other skin types as it’s so light. My skin type is combination and dehydrated and I found the product went on really well and felt very nice on the skin. It also left my skin feeling hydrated for the rest of the day. It smells absolutely gorgeous too. Like almond sweets. 🙂 I did think that if my skin was more drier like it usually is during the colder seasons, this product probably wouldn’t be able to provide me with enough moisture to be used alone without moisturiser on top.

I used the Evelyn green tea primer on top of the facial oil and my skin felt really soft, moisturised and oh so smooth. The primer has a lot of natural ingredients which is a bonus for me as I am really loving the natural/organic/free-from-chemicals hair and beauty products that are on the market. They always smell amazing and feel amazing on the skin! So back to the primer, it’s paraben-free and also contains aloe vera, avocado oil, jojoba seed oil – all of which are nourishing for the skin.

However, I did notice something naughty at the top of their ingredients list… dimethicone. A well-known silicone that’s neither natural, organic nor good for our skin. According to the brand’s website, Evelyn Iona states that they will be removing this ‘cone from their formulas in “early 2018″… we’ll see if they stick to their word. Ever since embarking on my natural hair journey I’ve been more conscious about checking the labels to see what goes into my skincare products.

The cuticle oil energizer was really nice to use and also smelled like sweets. It sinked into my cuticles fast and didn’t leave any oily residue behind. The cream blusher was nice to use but I’m not a big fan of blusher so not used it apart from testing it once and therefore can’t really comment on it. The food supplement I’ve not used at all so can’t comment on that either.

Beauty box giveaway?
I’ve also realised that I’ve accumulated a LOT of samples over the year – there’s so many  that haven’t been opened. Once I even ordered a box by mistake and ended up with two! So I decided I will be giving away some of these products – either as a giveaway or something… any ideas?

Have a lovely week! x

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Look Fantastic August beauty box review

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | LookFantastic Beauty Box Review

I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since I wrote my LookFantastic July beauty box review – it was quite popular review on my blog. I’m not going to deny it, it was a pretty good box. I never got round to posting this beauty box review last year so thought I would do it now… now that it’s August again! 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | LookFantastic Beauty Box Review

Look Fantastic August Beauty Box

LookFantastic’s August box has a bold British theme, “Best of British”. I liked this box because it contained products just from UK brands. 100% British, high quality brands! Some brands I had heard of but others were new to me.

My top three products from this August box are:

  1. REN Flash Defence anti-pollution mist toner (60ml, £24.00)
  2. Balance Me congested skin serum (15ml, no longer available individually)
  3. Bee Good honey & vanilla lip balm (10ml, £4.75)

REN anti-pollution mist toner
The REN anti-pollution mist was really nice to use. Whenever I needed to freshen up my face, a little spritz was very welcomed. It felt light and fresh on my skin and because it doesn’t have a scent I could use it again and again without being sick of a smell. It’s the ideal product on a hot, sticky summer’s day. The packaging is sleek and minimal which I really love – let the product do the talking right?!

What I didn’t like about the spray was that for a sample size it’s teeny weeny at 9ml. I used it daily and it was almost finished in two weeks but saying that, the full size version is 60ml so you’d get six times of two weeks worth (12 wks) which is pretty decent but slightly pricey at ÂŁ24.00 a bottle.

If you do fancy giving it a try, I’d recommend going for the REN Urban Grey skin kit which is cheaper at ÂŁ13.00 and has the mist (in the 9ml sample size) as well as the flash balm 1-minute facial cleanser (15ml) and the anti-ageing day cream moisturiser (15ml). This sample sized kit would be great if you’re travelling or need something small you can take on holiday.

Balance Me congested skin serum
This facial serum was also extremely lightweight and easy to use. I love the tube of the serum. In terms of packaging, its tip-application tube means that you could squeeze out every last bit of product before throwing the tube away. Definitely cost-effective.

I think this product is no longer available as a stand-alone product. Maybe Balance Me are planning to discontinue it… I dunno but it’s a little disappointing because it is actually a really good product. If you’re familiar with the Balance Me range and want to give this serum a try, it’s available in the Deluxe Clearer Skin kit which you can buy from LookFantastic.com.

Bee Good’s honey & vanilla lip balm
This lip balm smells absolutely divine! I love the smell and the consistency of the lip balm. It goes on very smoothly and feels very lightweight on the lips. The packaging is cute – the yellow colour I guess represents the honey and vanilla and the honeycomb design goes well with the bee logo and the brand name, “Bee Good”.

The honey and vanilla provides a good amount of moisture for the lips however for me personally I felt the lip balm was too lightweight. I’m used to the thicker consistency of Carmex balms but most days I can overlook this because of its delicious scent. 🙂

The other products in the box:

RENU Lip And Eye Active Lift (25ml, £11.00)
This is a lightweight lip and eye cream. The natural ingredients in this eye cream helps to stimulate collagen in the skin which plumps and firms the skin. The arnica extract in this product will also help to combat puffiness. If you have ageing skin or looking for a product to help give you a more youthful appearance, this RENU lift cream is right for you.

Percy & Reed Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm (75ml, ÂŁ18.00)
A great little hair saviour. Percy & Reed is a brand that I am familiar and this wonder balm has some great reviews. It can be used alone or as a hair primer for other styling products. It’s best to apply it to towel-dried hair but can also be used on dry hair sparingly to give volume.

Bloom And Blossom Rejuvenating Facial Spritz (100ml, ÂŁ15.00)
Two facial spritz in the same box! This one was bigger than the REN one which was my personal favourite out of the two. This Bloom & Blossom spray has a scent which smells quite earthy but don’t let that put you off because it’s a very light scent. The spray can be used over make-up and at anytime of the day. The aloe vera extract soothes the skin and leaves it soft to the touch. This spray is made without any parabens, SLS or synthetic nasties and is not tested on animals. Perfect for those who are looking for a green and ethical product.

And that’s it!

Out of all the six products, I had three faves but that’s not to say the other three weren’t good they just weren’t to my personal taste. If you liked this review, check out my other box reviews using the search bar at the top of the blog page.

The Greenwich Mummy LF Blogger Badge

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LookFantastic Bumper Beauty Box Special Edition

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Black Friday Beauty Box

The LF Bumper Beauty Box Special

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Black Friday Beauty Box

If you adore beauty subscription boxes do not miss out on this fantastic super-duper limited offer. LookFantastic.com have just put together a special beauty box in honour of Black Friday and included not five but a minimum of TEN beauty products worth over ÂŁ100 in this bumper box… for just ÂŁ20!

Hurry though as it’s limited stock only.

Buy Now

If you don’t quite fancy a beauty box, here are some other fantastic offers you can indulge in:

20% off site all Cyber Weekend + free makeup brush when you spend over ÂŁ65

Valid: 25/11/2016 – 28/11/2016
Shop Now


3 For 2 on Elemis Products
Exclusions apply. No code needed

(ends midnight Tue 29th Nov)
Shop Now

[Exclusions apply. Please see website for more details.]

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My Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club Review

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Hotel Chocolat Classic Box Review

I love chocolate. But then again, who doesn’t? It’s one thing to buy chocolate but it’s another to have it posted to you every month. 🙂

I discovered the loveliness of Hotel Chocolat a few months ago when I decided to sign up to their “Tasting Club” which is a monthly chocolate box subscription service. They have several selection boxes for you to choose from; the classic box, dark chocolate box, the milk chocolate box, white chocolate box, alcoholic box and fruity box. A box costs ÂŁ22.95 including postage and packaging which is quite expensive but the chocolates are sooo good I have not managed to wean myself off them yet… although I will be stopping my subscription later this month (more on this later in the post). Continue reading “My Hotel Chocolat Tasting Club Review”

Beauty News: Birchbox teams up Millie Mackintosh for July’s box

TThe Greenwich Mummy: Birchbox x Millie Mackintosh
Millie Mackintosh / Photo Credit: Telegraph

For this month, beauty subscription box company Birchbox have teamed up with the beautiful style icon, Millie Mackintosh. Millie posted on her Instagram a sneaky peek of the campaign and got her readers to join in and vote on which box should be used for the final design. The public chose the lovely purple one; it kind of reminds me of the lovely summer sunsets we’ve been having. Well picked everyone! 🙂

Continue reading “Beauty News: Birchbox teams up Millie Mackintosh for July’s box”

My LookFantastic Beauty Box Review

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | LookFantastic Beauty Box Review

I’ve been a strong fan of these beauty subscription boxes for a little while now. Before LookFantastic, I had only subscribed to Birchbox and a few times with Glossybox which I never got round to reviewing on my blog. Maybe I will one day soon.

Anyway this post is all about my LF beauty box and what  I got in the July edition.


Continue reading “My LookFantastic Beauty Box Review”

Review: Birchbox + Rifle Paper Co is Blooming Marvellous!

The Greenwich Mummy Blog: April Birchbox Review
Photo Credit: Birchbox

I’m a big Birchbox fan and have been for a little while. Unfortunately, I’ve just ended up hoarding all of my beauty products so therefore had to pause my subscription for a while. When April’s box was announced and they mentioned that we could choose our box design I had to re-subscribe just for that box and write a Birchbox review for you guys.

April 2016’s Blooming Marvellous edition was designed by Birchbox in collaboration with the luxury stationary brand, Rifle Paper Co. Out of the two designs, I opted for the Jardin de Paris. It took absolutely forever to come as I ordered it at the end of the month so received March’s box in April then April’s box didn’t come until near the end of the month. I was a little upset but can understand they probably have thousands of orders to post as it was nearly time to get the May box out.

Once the box came though all of my disappointment had disappeared. I completely fell in love with my Birchbox – it looked beautiful! Usually, I think I would’ve chosen the botanical ‘Herb Garden’ design but this time I wanted a box that was a bit more pink. 🙂

Inside my little box was a Rifle Paper Co card offering an exclusive discount off your next purchase with them and five really good sized beauty products. Every box content varies slightly as the BB team try to tailor the boxes to your preferences. Here’s why I got in mine:

Benefit ‘Dew The Hoola’ liquid bronzer

I think this is one of my favourite items in this month’s box. I love a good bronzer but don’t like to use it too much because I tend to only find the pressed powder or powder ones however this semi-matte liquid bronzer by Benefit is great for enhancing that glowing look without looking shimmery or shiny. Benefit Cosmetics is also a well-known beauty brand. Many people I know have been raving about their (pressed) bronzers so I’m sure this liquid bronzer will become a popular one.

Cynthia Rowley eyeliner in black

I love a good black khol eyeliner and this fabulous eyeliner by Cynthia Rowley is lovely to use. It goes on really well and smoothly which is nice. I wore it all day and it did last however I still found that my eyeliner smudged slightly at the outer edges of my eyes. Maybe this is because my skin is quite oily around that area and I am Vietnamese so I think my eyes being smaller with a shallow lid crease probably causes it to smudge more than usual.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse (dry oil)

I really love this NUXE multi-purpose dry oil for face, skin and body. It smells absolutely divine! This multi-purpose oil is made from a luxurious blend of six essential oils, vitamin E and plant oils to keep the skin hydrated and nourished. This lovely oil can also be used on the hair. I might use it my ends but my scalp is too oily for it however I will definitely continue using this dry oil on my body. I’m also planning to invest in the large 100ml bottle so I don’t run out. There’s also a shimmer version which would be perfect for sunny holidays or nights out.

Parlor detangling leave-in conditioner

This Parlor leave-in conditioner has a lightweight consistency and is lovely to use. It’s suitable for all hair types whether you’ve got curly hair, straight hair or hair in-between the two. It smells lovely and fresh. Personally, I still prefer my all-time favourite spray which I also bought from Birchbox called Beauty Protector (it’s also a heat protector and smells like chocolate!).

Kueshi foot care cream

I love a good foot cream. What I like most about the Kueshi foot cream is that it’s rich and creamy but not greasy. The lovely properties of sweet almond oil and royal jelly really does lend a hand in keeping my feet nourished and soft. They’ve been so neglected throughout the pregnancy so I went for a pedicure to get a good scrub and cuticle work done and it was the best thing ever. Now I just maintain the pedi’s good work with this lovely thing.

To get your first box, visit their website: https://www.birchbox.co.uk/

I’m Really Happy With My May Birchbox!

May Birchox

The Greenwich Mummy | May Birchbox Review

As you all may have known by now, I love subscription boxes and adore Birchbox – they are the best box that I have bought so far and I am usually pleased with everything that I get in the boxes. I was thrilled with April’s Birchbox (see my April review here) which had a cute theme in honour of Kate and Will’s baby that was due – we now know it’s a girl! Welcome to the world, Princess Charlotte! 🙂 The products were amazing and this month’s box lived up to April’s one.

As you can see in the images, this month’s packaging was very creative and allowed the owner to become the designer and decorate their box however they wished! You can find plenty of people’s boxes on Instagram and Twitter coloured in all sorts of different colours and mediums. I haven’t touched mine – I’ve only tweaked it a bit but for me, that is enough. I adore the design of the box too much to tamper with it.

So what’s inside the box?

Let’s take a look:

  • Number 4 Lumiere D’hiver hair masque
  • Birchbox coloured pencils pack
  • WAH London nail polish
  • Parlor moisturising sea salt spray
  • Caudalie tinted moisturiser
  • Absolution youth-activator face mask
  • Jelly Pong Pong duo bronzer

The Greenwich Mummy | May Birchbox Review

… a lot of fabulous goodies! 🙂

My absolutely favourite product from the whole box would have to be the Jelly Pong Pong Bronzer Duo. I have always been searching high-and-low for a great bronzer and this has to be it! The pink and tan colours are perfect with my olive skin tone. The pink is more muted and slightly mauve whilst the tan colour is indeed of a brown shade and not an orange shade which together, works fabulously on my skin. I am very happy with it and will consider buying the full sized product when my current Sleek highlighting kit which contains a bronzer runs out.

I also need to give the Caudalie tinted moisturiser a try as it’s received really positive reviews on the website but as it’s a 01 Light shade I am not 100% convinced that it’s going to be a good match for my summer-tanned face… we’ll have to see. I can always use it then apply my foundation on top for a better colour match and more coverage.

If you are interested in what else is inside this month’s Birchbox, click here

Hope you enjoyed my mini-review. If you’ve just received your box, let me know what you got in yours!

Manny | The Greenwich Mummy Signature

My April Birchbox Is Royally Good!

The Greenwich Mummy | London Family and Lifestyle Blogger Beauty Box REview

It’s arrived!

I have been waiting for this box to come and it has felt like… forever! This month’s Birchbox has two special packaging designs; one pink and one blue and the reason being is because Kate and Wills baby no. 2 is expected to arrive this month!

How exciting, another royal baby! I love babies 🙂


I was so excited to unravel my box and see that I am Team Blue!

Birchbox are hosting a competition this month in response to the royal baby. All you need to do is share a photo of your box on FB, Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #HRHBirchbox and don’t forget to add/mention @BirchboxUK and put down what you would do for a day if you were queen. If the royal baby is a boy, then all blue box entries will be entered into the ÂŁ500 prize draw. If the baby is a girl then all pink entries will be entered into the draw and have a chance of winning ÂŁ500.

April’s Birchbox beauty box review

Inside the box was even better! The range of samples this month are some of the best ones I’ve received so far. Pretty much, all of the samples are very decently sized. In my box, I got:

  • Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser + cloth (my fave!)
  • Lola Barcelona nail polish in Rambla (my fave!)
  • Pommade Divine remedy balm
  • Laura Mercier eye pencil in black violet
  • Percy & Reed London volumising no-oil oil
  • BeFine warming clay mask


I would say the nail polish and eye pencil are probably full-sized items out of all the products. There’s a total of 6 products in this box because one is an extra beauty bonus (the mask), usually there’s only 5 products in a box. I really like warming clay masks because they heat up when you apply them on the skin. This helps to gently open the pores to penetrate deeper to remove any clogged pores and purifies the skin. With the clay mask, hot cloth cleanser and remedy balm, I can actually create my very-own homemade spa facial. That reminds me, I need to do a blog post on how to do a spa facial-at-home so keep your eyes peeled because I will get round to doing it soon I promise!

I love getting skincare samples in my box as well as nail polishes. Haircare products and makeup products are also a good choice but I don’t wear much make-up and my look is very natural and minimal so I rather get skincare and nail polishes instead. I have a nail polish addiction!


This month, BB has also teamed up with British magazine, Tatler to create a limited edition box filled with the best of British companies including Liz Earle, Aromatherapy Associates and more. I am really going to enjoy my box this month. I’ve also been saving all my boxes and built up quite a collection so I need to figure out how I am going to upcycle them and reuse them. I’m thinking with the BB signature boxes, I could create a mini box of all the products I’m not too keen on to give to friends and family or save them for a future giveaway for my blog?? *ponders*

Are you subscribed to Birchbox? What did you get in yours?


The Toucan Box For Kids Review + Free Craft Box

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Toucan Craft Box Review

I love trying out new subscription boxes whether it’s food, beauty and skincare, or in this case arts & crafts. I introduce to you, ToucanBox. It’s a fortnightly or monthly subscription service that sends out craft activities for you to do with your children. Upon sign-up the company gathers all the important info i.e. your name, address, how many children you want to subscribe, and the age of the child so they know what tasks are do-able for their age. You can also add information such as the types of things your children likes i.e. cars, toys, science, messy play, colours, etc.

For our first Toucan box, we signed up for the petite box which costs just ÂŁ3.95 plus P+P. The box is a fortnightly subscription with one activity per box. Continue reading “The Toucan Box For Kids Review + Free Craft Box”

My Sixth HelloFresh Meal Review

This is my third meal from my second HelloFresh Classic Box; the Tabasco Jambalaya with orange and honey chicken. This meal was relatively easy to make but I am not really raving about this meal compared to the others I have made. The main reason being is because it’s very similar to a traditional Nigerian rice dish called jollof rice which is one of my favourite rice dishes and I just couldn’t get the taste of spicy and citrus around my head. The jambalaya is also more ‘saucy’ than jollof rice so it’s quite similar to a risotto consistency which is also odd for me as I’ve only had risotto once. If you like risotto, you will like the jambalaya.

My HelloFresh Meal Review: Jambalaya

My HelloFresh Meal Review: Jambalaya

Click here for the HelloFresh Jambalaya recipe

Images look a bit better with the iPhone now as I have managed to switch it to HDR mode which seems to have made a difference. 🙂 Anyway, back to the Jambalaya I would rate it 3.5/5 for taste – it’s just not for me but it’s a good dish so I am sure others will like it especially if you like using citrus fruits in savoury cooking.

So, after two HelloFresh boxes, I have decided to skip a few weeks and get my next box in a month’s time. Even though the subscription boxes are very cheap, I have a big family and loads of mouths to feed so just 3 meals per box (lasts 3 days) is simply not enough for me as I still need to plan out meals for the other 4 days. The food is great and healthy so I will be still using HelloFresh but more like my alternative take-away option than a regular food source.

Save £20 on your first box with HelloFresh by using promo code: CNU9UV

My Fifth HelloFresh Meal Review

This is my fifth HelloFresh review and the meal I cooked was called Raiders of the Lost Beef and Mushroom Burger which is basically a burger with cheese, beef burger, simon’s leaves, mushrooms and onions. Making a burger at home is so much tastier than any burger I have ever bought before – not to mention it’s also much cheaper!

This meal took a little longer to cook as the burgers I made were quite thick. I could’ve tried to make ‘flatter’ burgers however I wanted the height as I like my home-made burgers to look gourmet 🙂


The brioche bun and burger tasted soooo good… and the wedges *blissful sigh*  – it was simply divine. The overall meal took about 40mins to make; 20mins to prep and 20mins to cook. The wedges took the longest, as you can see from the photo they are not as ‘crispy’ as you would normally expect wedges to be but nevertheless they were still really scrummy.

The most perfect meal for a Friday night. 🙂


My Fourth HelloFresh Meal Review

I am now onto my second HelloFresh Classic Box!

I loved the first box so much, I had to give another box a try – just to see what they are going to supply me with and I can tell you, I was not disappointed at all. I also discovered that you can actually log into your online account and see the recipes that they will give you in your next box before it is sent out. This allows you to ‘swap’ recipes you don’t want for the ones that you do – excellent! I’ve never been disappointed so far but it’s good to know that the “options” are there.

The first meal I decided to make from this box was the HelloFresh Pan-Fried Tilapia with Tarragon Sauce – when I say the meal was AMAZING, it was amazing! The sauce was my favourite… The fish was beautiful and not smelly at all like the sea bream (I think sea bream is just naturally more ‘potent’) and the potatoes were super easy to cook as were the green beans. I garnished the dish with tarragon on top but I found it a little over-powering so I just scraped the extra bits off tarragon off the fish and sauce. The tarragon didn’t go down too well with the siblings either – they loved the creamy sauce, they just wished the tarragon wasn’t included so they scraped all of the tarragon off their fish.


This is a slightly better image of the meal – I think close up photos on my iPhone 4s is a bit better than the far away shots… I still need to invest in a camera so please be patient. 🙂

The first meal I decided to make from this box was the HelloFresh Pan-Fried Tilapia with Tarragon Sauce. When I say the meal was AMAZING, it was amazing!

The meal was very quick to cook – in total, I would say it was about 20-25mins. The prep was super quick (about 10 mins), most of the time was spent on boiling the veggies. This dish was very filling but I kept wanting more! It was such a simple dish to make, anyone can do it! The speedy cooking time and simple HelloFresh instructions makes it so easy and fun that there should never be any problems making this dish in the future for the family… Well, minus the extra tarragon!

If you are looking to give this dish a try, let me know how it goes by leaving a comment on this post. HelloFresh has also give me three free boxes to give away so if you want to give HelloFresh a try, leave a comment for me below. Enjoy!

Click here for the full HelloFresh recipe