My Champneys Blissful Bump Haul

champneys-blissfulbump I’ve always loved spa products and now that I am pregnant, I adore them even more! Moisturising my skin is a must and I can swear that it is the key to not getting stretch marks.

When I discovered that there was an online promotion on Champneys products I HAD to purchase some. The packaging looks simple but luxurious and from checking the ingredients list, I could see that the majority of the things on the list were good. Also, any product that is made without parabens, SLES and paraffin oils is worth a try in my books. 🙂

The Champneys Blissful Bump Range

This is the first time I’ve ever used Champneys products and I can say that first impressions look pretty good. The scent of the Blissful Bump range is very mild which is ideal when you’re pregnant as strong smells can be too overpowering.

My favourite products from the range would have to be the body butter and the ginger-inspired room spray. I really love the body butter as it’s incredibly rich but sinks into the skin really well. The fragrance left behind on my skin is so light that I can only just about smell it which is fab because my sense of smell is really sensitive during pregnancy.

The room spray, again like the rest of the products, has a very delicate scent but you can smell the ginger and vanilla notes coming through. It’s a very calming and relaxing scent. I like to use it in the mornings after waking up to refresh the room – it’s wonderful.

The shower cream is a delight to use. It doesn’t do much on my skin for moisturising but it does leave it feeling clean. I do still have to follow up with a moisturiser or body oil as my skin can get pretty dry. The stretch mark oil is good and contains a good amount of sweet almond oil to keep the skin nourished which can help improve the skin’s elasticity.

My opinion about stretch mark creams
People need to remember that stretch marks are “skin-deep”. What I mean by this is that skin elasticity (and genetics) has a lot more to do with you getting stretch marks or not. I don’t think any kind of skin product can help you avoid getting them if it runs in the family or if your skin has already lost a lot of its elasticity.

What the stretch mark creams will do though is provide your skin with adequate moisture which can help improve the elasticity of the skin which should (in theory) can help reduce their appearance stretch marks.

The 7 Pregnancy Spa Treatments Every Mother-To-Be Should Try

The Greenwich Mummy | UK Family & Lifestyle Blog

I’m not talking about just the old pregnancy massage or manicure/pedicure. I’m talking about spa body treatments specially designed for a mother-to-be. Hurrah! 🙂

I came across a few good treatments in my search but it wasn’t very easy. Funny that, because there are thousands of women going through pregnancy each year you would think that these specialised body treatments would be promoted more widely. Most spas will just offer a pregnancy massage only which can be pretty boring especially if, like me, you constantly look for something different that doesn’t focus just on massage.

pregnancy spa treatments

Here’s my top 7 pregnancy spa treatments I discovered online:

Champneys Beautiful Bump (55mins)

“Relaxing and pampering for expectant mothers, your treatment starts with a soothing foot soak and back massage. This is followed by a localised collagen boosting body mask enriched with olive, shea, mango and cocoa butters. A relieving foot, leg and scalp massage completes this wonderful pre-natal treatment.”


Champneys Mama Mio Lucky Legs Lighten Up (30mins)

“A mineral-rich foot soak, exfoliation and massage for lower legs and feet to help with poor circulation, water retention and the tiring effects of carrying an extra load. While you sit back and relax, we massage your hands and cuticles too. They don’t call it a maternity marathon for nothing!”


Elemis Nurturing Mother-To-Be Massage (75mins)

“A gently nurturing, specially formulated massage for mothers-to-be that deeply relaxes. Performed on the unique ELEMIS beanbag for ultimate safety, comfort and relaxation, this unique therapy helps relieve back tension, swollen hands and feet.”

£105.00 at the House of Elemis

NEOM Cocooning Massage (30mins)

“A back exfoliation using the NEOM body scrub followed by a relaxing pregnancy back massage using the beautiful NEOM Cocooning pregnancy oil. You will leave feeling thoroughly pampered, de-stressed and comforted!”


ESPA Pre-Natal Treatment (90mins)

“A deeply nourishing body treatment designed to target areas prone to stress and tension during pregnancy. Gentle back exfoliation is followed by a nourishing massage then a moisture rich body mask applied. Finally, truly relax mind and body whilst your scalp is massaged.”


Aman Spa Pre-Natal Reflexology (60mins)

“Addresses the more commonly associated pregnancy discomforts such as: sore feet, swelling, back ache and heart burn. Used to encourage overall mental and physical well-being for both mother and baby. Utilises the endocrine reflex points to maintain balance and re-energise. Customised for each trimester.”


Dolphin Square Sweetness In Bloom (55mins)

“The ultimate comforting cocoon from top-to-toe for you-and-bump! Commencing with an orange silk foot ritual to bring immediate relief to weary soles before a shea butter massage to the back. A brightening and hydrating facial using gentle yet effective cleansing and moisturising remedies, is combined with a relaxing face, neck and shoulder massage. Option to moisturise the bump with pure shea butter too.”


Mummy loves the Aveda Shampure and its amazing aroma

The Greenwich Mummy Loves...


I really can’t get enough of this stuff – the aroma is simply divine!

It’s made up of 25 pure flower and plant essences and is such a joy to use. I first started off with the Shampure shampoo and conditioner which was lovely. It made my hair smell nice all the time and the shampoo was milk but very cleansing. The conditioner was lightweight but did enough to quench the hair. I’ve currently switched my hair care to the Aveda Scalp Benefits shampoo and condition and using the Scalp Remedy as my dandruff has become more of a problem.

The Shampure composition oil (£23) is my current go-to product when I get straight out of the bath and cannot be bothered to moisturise with my body butter or lotion. I haven’t used my Shampure body lotion (£24) yet as I can imagine it to be lightweight so I am saving it for the warmer months ahead. Right now the only products that can moisturise and hydrate my skin are oils or body butters.

The Aveda gift sets are all out for sale now too! If you’ve never purchased their products before and want to give it a try, gift sets are the way to go because they’re value for money and you get a few travel-sized products to try in each set. Aveda also includes some full-sized products in their sets but it’s a little more pricey.

I’m getting ready to purchase mine at next payday. 🙂 I’ve got my eyes on two boxes from the range but don’t know which one to go for… I think the first set is the winner at the moment.

“A Peaceful Journey Is A Gift”


Shampure hand and body wash 50 ml
Hand Relief moisturising creme with Shampure aroma 40 ml
Shampure composition oil 30 ml

“A Gift Of Peaceful Days”


Shampure hand and body wash 125 ml
Shampure composition oil 50 ml
Shampure body lotion 50 ml

Champneys Skin Comforting Collection Review

I am really starting to love Champney’s products, maybe even more so than the Sanctuary spa products dare I say it! Well, at least for body products anyway, I think they are really good but for skincare I will continue to stick to the professional brands.

I was doing a bit of shopping and came across the Boots sale on Champneys products so got myself these products. They had a few of their other collections like the citrus one and the tropical one but I really love the smell of baby-powder scented things and this was the closest I could get to it. The body butter cost me £5.00 and the shower cream was about £3.00 which was a bargain for the size. I wish I had bought more but only had £10 on me at the time but fear not as I will return to get more (if they are still available!).

Champneys Skin Comforting body butter & shower cream

Shower Cream
It’s got a good amount of lather but not overly-bubbly which is exactly how it should be if it’s a cream-based product. It goes on really smoothing when I’m applying it straight onto my skin. It also doesn’t lather up much this way which I quite like. When I do fancy more bubbles, I simply apply the cream straight on to my body puff. If I feel like I need more of a body polish, I swap the puff for my exfoliating mitts which gives my skin a great “boost”. The smell is absolutely divine. I think it’s the milk proteins that gives it that lovely baby-powder scent. It reminds me a lot of my favourite Elemis Skin Nourishing Milk Bath. Once the cream is rinsed off, a slight hint of the scent lingers on my skin which is quite nice too.

If you’re not a fan of shower creams, the Skin Comforting range also offers a Bath Milk which looked amazing and would be perfect if you like to have bath soaks.

Body Butter
After I’m out of the bath or shower – I tend to have more baths than showers – I get ready to apply the wonderfully thick body butter. It feels really rich and heavy when you first get it out of the tub. I emulsify it slightly in my hands before massaging it into my skin. Despite the thickness of the butter, it goes into the skin really well and doesn’t feel heavy at all. You really get a good whiff of the shea butter and cocoa butter which is a gorgeous smell. Shea and Coconut are my all-time fave ingredients as they are ideal if you have dry/dehydrated skin. My skin felt soft and smooth and stayed moisturised all day long.

I hope you find the review helpful if you ever wanted to try this range or looking for something new to add to your bathroom collection. 🙂

My Top 4 Most Amazing Spas In The World

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | UK Travel & Lifestyle

In aid of National Spa Week, I just wanted to share my top 4 of the most amazing spas in the world (according to my experience). I have been to a few spas around the UK and some abroad and have found these to be my all-time favourites.

The Scarlet Spa, Cornwall

The Greenwich Mummy | National Spa Week

I simply adore this spa. It’s not only the first Eco-friendly spa but it’s also an excellent option if you’re looking for a total detox and full mind/body rejuvenation. The spa lunch menu is superbly healthy and cleansing on the body. The indoor pool looks stunning but not as amazing as the chemical-free pool outside which is cleaned by reeds. Also the clifftop hot tubs offer the most breath-taking views.

Recap: It’s amazing because… it’s the first eco UK spa and bathing in the clifftop hot tub is an experience not to be missed.

La Maison D’Arabe, Marrkesh

The Greenwich Mummy | National Spa Week

This Moroccan hotel spa had everything I wanted in a spa; it was small, intimate and calming. I opted for the ‘Marhaba session’ which consists of a traditional hammam (steam room) session followed with a black soap cleanse, face and body exfoliation, clay (ghassoul) body mask, followed by a body massage. It was heavenly and the taste of a traditional Moroccan experience gave it that WOW factor. Be aware that due to the Islamic laws, there are only single-sex sessions so couples won’t be able to spa together or even be in the spa area together at the same time.

Recap: It’s amazing because… you get an authentic taste of a traditional hammam experience.

The Zuiver Spa, Amsterdam

The Greenwich Mummy | National Spa Week

The Zuiver Spa was discovered by chance when I decided to go Amsterdam with Daddy P one day. I wanted to go to a spa that had a lot to offer in terms of variety and Zuiver Spa certainly has many facilities to impress you with. Starting with the beautiful lengthy indoor pool that extends to outside, to the numerous types of steam rooms and saunas available. If you’re not a big fan of heat, this spa is perfect for you as there are more tepid rooms such as the colour therapy room and the infrared sauna which is very mild. Due to Dutch culture, most of the days the spa operates on a no-swimwear policy. If you’re not brave enough to bare the flesh then check for the day that swimwear is permitted.

Recap: It’s amazing because… it’s got more facilities than you can count with both hands and the option to bathe like the Dutch locals (nude, if you dare to!)

Thermae Bath Spa, Bath

The Greenwich Mummy | National Spa Week

Have you ever wanted to bath in natural mineral waters but never knew where you could go? The Thermae Bath Spa should be your first-stop destination. The spa uses the mineral waters that comes out directly from the springs underneath so the waters are amazingly warm all year round. The water is treated with around 1% chlorine which is more than sufficient to maintain pool hygiene and cleanliness. The indoor pool which is located at basement level or get a good look of the old spa town whilst bathing in the rooftop pool. The middle floor is dedicated to four massive steam pods; each pod has a different aroma from mint and eucalyptus to lavender and myrrh.

Recap: It’s amazing because… it’s one of the only UK spas that uses mineral spring waters and the steam pods are seriously impressive.

I hope you enjoyed my little list of spas with the WOW factor – if you’ve gone to one of these places, let me know what you thought about them

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Review: Mandara Spa Bali Santi & Tropical Blooms Collection

The Greenwich Mummy | Mandara Spa Collection Review

I love spa products and anything with a scent that reminds me of exotic flowers, coconuts and cocoa butter. From previously working with a spa that used Elemis products (a great British spa brand), I’ve developed a nose for spa products that smell very similar to their products.

I found these wonderful (and cheap) products from Mandara Spa from Sainsburys. There is a Mandara Spa located at the Park Plaza hotel on Westminster Bridge which you can visit for spa treatments and those who stay at the hotel I believe get free use of the spa facilities there though don’t quote me on it – I think it was just something I’d seen ages ago when I was looking to go there for a spa day.

I am going to be reviewing their latest collection, Bali Santi. I am also going to be reviewing their body oil from the Tropical Blooms range because when I was contemplating on whether I should buy the body oil from the Bali range or not, I took a whiff of the Tropical Blooms and knew I had to get it because it smells very similar to an Elemis product I love.

The Greenwich Mummy | Mandara Spa Bali Santi Review

Bali Santi Collection

When I think of Bali; coconuts, frangipani flowers, lotuses and beautiful dark green leaves always comes to mind. I haven’t been to Bali yet but would love to go one day in the near future. In the meantime, I can satisfy my lust for the country’s wonderful fragrances with the Mandara Spa collections. The Bali Santi range is made from coconut and almond oil with the addition of other oils and milks to create a wonderful scent.

I really love the bath and shower oil – my skin can really dry up when I use shower gels to cleanse my body so I’m always on a lookout for a cream cleanser or an oil one and so glad I’ve found this bath/shower oil. It’s very easy to apply onto the skin and goes milky when it’s in contact with water. I put it all over my body then use my exfoliating gloves to cleanse as the oil doesn’t foam up at all. I only shower occasionally, mainly I have baths so I usually add this in under running water then only use a bit on my skin which seems to help it from drying out.

After I’m out of the bath, depending on how much time I have or how I am feeling, I either follow up with the Bali Santi Nurturing Body Milk or the Tropical Blooms Nourishing Beauty Oil. The body milk is easily absorbed into my skin and I try to put it on when my skin is still a bit damp as I find this is the best way to moisturise it. When my skin is fully dried I find that the moisture doesn’t lock into my skin so even though I moisturise it, it goes dry again within a few hours. The body milk is very light so it’s perfect for the weather we have now and when it gets hotter. It does smell slightly different from the shower oil – somehow I think that I can smell a hint of cinnamon or nutmeg! Not bad, it smells really delicious but just different.

Tropical Blooms Collection

The nourishing beauty oil is absolutely amazing – it goes on the skin and sinks in really well so I don’t get left with that horrible oily/greasy feel some cheaper oils leave behind. This product is the dupe to the best-selling Elemis oil, Exotic Frangipani Monoi Body Oil. 

From the ingredients list, the Mandara Spa beauty oil contains sweet almond oil, rosehip oil and coconut oil and Tahitian Gardenia flower extract. The elemis oil contains just coconut oil and frangipani fragrance. This is why the Mandara Spa beauty oil reminds me so much of the Elemis monoi body oil, because they both have the coconut and exotic flowers. The Tropical Blooms beauty oil sinks into my skin really well even when it is dry which is brilliant. It’s lovely delicate, sweet scent is not too overpowering for me which is another reason why I love to use it because I am quite sensitive to smells so can’t wear perfume but this lingers longer than a standard body lotion so it’s ideal for me.


Which One Is The Best For Me?

I would have to say it’ll be the Tropical Blooms range. The main reason being is that the scent is consistent from bath shower gel to the beauty oil which should be a best seller. If you have tried the Elemis Frangipani Monoi body oil but find that it’s too expensive or hate how it solidifies and want something more convenient to use when in a hurry, the Mandara Spa Tropical Blooms beauty oil is right for you. The reason why the Tropical Blooms doesn’t solidify is because the Elemis oil is made up of more coconut oil which is naturally solid at room temperature whereas the Mandara Spa oil contains more sweet almond oil than coconut oil.

The Tropical Blooms range belongs to the Calming Rituals collection which contains the Honeymilk Dream range (fabulous scent) and this range is also fantastic. I will have to review that one separately. The scent of the Honeymilk Dream is also very similar to how the Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Milk used to smell until they changed up their formula a couple of years ago.

I hope you liked my review. If you’ve tried any of the products before or have a question, please feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂


How To Do Spa Facials At Home

*Warning: Lengthy post*

For #WellnessWednesday, I thought it would be nice to do an in-depth “How-To” blog post. Coming from a spa industry background, I know how important it is to look after yourself from the inside out. One of the best things about spas is that it is a sanctuary not just for your body, but also for your mind and spirit – it’s the place of recuperation and improving your well-being.

People nowadays are far too stressed and so busy that they don’t fully take the time to relax – I know I am one of these people most of the times which is why I try to take some time out after LO goes to bed to rest my body and my mind. It’s nice to be able to have a facial at the spa – you can unwind and de-stress whilst the therapist gets to work on your skin, making it more radiant and youthful. However sometimes you just can’t get away or money is low and you are stuck for months without a good skin cleanse.

That is why this post is here to help! Below are 5 easy steps how you can achieve spa facial results in the comfort of your own home.

How To Do Spa Facials At Home

Step 1 – Cleanse

If you have makeup on, I recommend doing a “double-cleanse” to ensure that your face is thoroughly cleansed. To do this, use a makeup remover then use a cleanser to thoroughly cleanse the skin. After you have thoroughly cleansed your skin, rinse off with water and pat your skin dry, never rub.

Top Tip: Micellar water is a great alternative as it removes all your makeup (including waterproof mascara) and doesn’t need to be rinsed off – There really is no excuse to sleep in your makeup!

facial cleanse
Step 1: Cleanse

Step 2 – Exfoliate

When exfoliating, don’t be tempted to over-do it as over-exfoliating your skin as it can cause the skin to become sensitive, easily irritated and even break out. When rinsing off your exfoliator make sure you take time to do it thoroughly because you don’t want residue left on your skin when you do the next steps.

After exfoliating, steam your face with a facial steamer that you can buy online, or simply use a face flannel. Make sure it is hot but not boiling then place the flannel over the face for 30 seconds. Adding lavender or tea tree essential oil to a corner of the flannel will give you that spa-like pampering experience. Lavender and tea tree have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties so they can help with congestion or problematic skin.

Top Tip: Products with salicylic acid works best as it’s an active ingredient that helps remove dead skin cells. If you have congested skin, you are better off with a daily powder or enzyme-active product, avoid abrasive types as this can cause your spots to spread through bacteria if they burst.

Step 2: Steam & Exfoliate

Step 3 – Massage

Massage, I believe is the reason why spa facials work and it’s the reason why you see results so quickly compared to doing just your skincare routine effectively. The reason being is that massage helps the muscles to relax and repair as well as help push the products deeper into the skin. A good facial massage at a spa takes around 15mins however at home, you are most probably short for time but even a quick facial massage is more beneficial than none. Click here to watch Lisa Elridge’s facial massage routine which I highly recommend. Those draining and lifting techniques will help to tone up the skin and flush away toxins.

Top Tip: You don’t need any fancy-shmancy facial oils. Simple oils such as coconut, grapeseed, rapeseed or olive oil are all excellent choices and all natural.

facial massage
Step 3: Massage

Step 4 – Mask

You can choose any type of face masks – it all depends on what you want out of it. If you have problematic/acne/congested or oily skin, use a purifying clay one or a peeling one. If you have no skin concerns or slightly dehydrated skin go for a hydrating face mask. If you have dry skin use a moisturising one to put back the moisture in to your skin. If you have easily irritated skin, use masks specially designed for sensitive skin types.

Top Tip: You only need a face mask twice a week at most, sometimes you can skip this step if you feel that your skin doesn’t need any extra help or if you have no real skin concerns and just want a quick-fix facial.

facial mask
Step 4: Mask

Step 5 – Tone & Moisturise

Toner is good for the skin as it helps to remove any remaining products on your skin, tightens the pores and provides additional hydration to the skin. Blot off any excess toner with a tissue or cotton pad.

Choose a moisturiser that is made for your skin type. If you have fair skin, it’s recommended that you use a moisturiser with built-in SP 30+ factor. You should also think about getting a day and night cream as night creams can help improve skin cell renewal.

Top Tip: If you prefer something more “natural”, swap the toner for rosewater which does the same job and is usually cheaper than good toners. Avoid any toner with Alcohol Denat especially if you have dry or sensitive as this can dry out the skin even more.

facial moisturise
Step 5: Moisturise

I hope you enjoyed reading this in-depth guide on how to do your own spa facials at home. If you do give it a try, let me know how it went!

Happy #WellnessWednesday