Review: New Berry Kids juice drinks from The Berry Company

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Source: The Berry Company

Sugar is one of the main contributors of child obesity but sometimes it’s hard to believe how much sugar is in everything! When it comes to our little ones we want them to have the best possible upbringing – this includes everything from what they do to what they eat. Of course if they fancy a McDonalds meal every now and then it wouldn’t hurt but imagine if they wanted it everyday – then an occasional treat becomes something else.

Now that I have become very conscious of what I eat and try to eat healthy, I’ve seen how much sugar is added to our foods. Even foods that people consider ‘healthy’ such as those delicious Nakd bars made with real fruits and nuts are super high in sugar (dried fruit is incredibly high in sugar).

You know those lovely little packs of raisins you like to give to your little one’s or add them to their lunchbox?
Yeah, you should stop that… or just give them dried fruit occasionally.

I used to be guilty of giving LO lots of dried fruit too. People tend to forget that fruit can have an incredibly high sugar content. Okay, it’s fruit is healthy and yes it is a natural sugar blah blah but at the end of the day… it’s still sugar. Your body doesn’t know the difference between artificial sugar and natural sugar and if you’re diabetic your blood glucose levels will shoot through the roof if you have too much of either of them. Sweeteners on the other hand is a different story. Your body doesn’t recognise it as a sugar so it doesn’t affect your blood glucose levels hence why lots of kids drinks are now labeled as ‘sugar-free’ as the sugar has been swapped for a sweetener. Stevia and inulin are the new “healthier” sweeteners people are reaching out to. They are naturally derived from plant extracts making them a better option because they’re not artificially made. I’ve not seen stevia used in kids drinks apart from The Berry Company‘s new kids range called Berry Kids. Continue reading “Review: New Berry Kids juice drinks from The Berry Company”