Parenting: co-sleeping with my baby

Experts and medical professionals will tell you that the safest place for a baby to sleep in the first six months are in a moses basket or a cot. While this is good advice, sometimes you need something more convenient - this is where co-sleeping can become a new mum's favourite way of sleeping. As soon as my … Continue reading Parenting: co-sleeping with my baby


Baby Girl: One month old today!

My birth story with Baby Girl

I am sorry it's been a little while but just didn't have any time at all away from Baby Girl to write this until now. So here it is, my birth story... Baby Girl arrived when I was 38 weeks pregnant at a healthy weight of 6lb 8oz - a little chunky bubba (LO weighed 6lb … Continue reading My birth story with Baby Girl

Snappy Happy Sundays #5

Snappy Happy Sundays | The Greenwich Mummy

Baby Girl was born April 30th. She arrived ahead of schedule by two weeks. Now a week old, I have finally found some time to upload this photo 🙂