Happy International Yoga Day!

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The word ‘Yoga’ in the most simplest terms can be defined as union. The unity of our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and everything around us. I’ve really enjoyed teaching yoga to kids and families in the last two years. I love the feeling of connection and community it gives to each and every one of us in that room.

Downward Dog partner pose style!
Sitting in lotus pose feeling calm
Family yoga is for everyone, big and small!

My little two love yoga and we try to use some of the practices in our everyday lives. For example, when the kids become frustrated or get angry over whatever’s happened, I try to encourage them to breathe out all their angry (long, cooling breaths like blowing a balloon). We usually do three of those and by the end the kids are feeling a little more calm. Or when we want to practice our balance, we will see who can hold our tree pose the longest!

Kids & Family Yoga Videos

Here’s a video of my recent upload for #InternationalYogaDay . It’s a short 6 mins mini-flow starting with some breathing and stretching then moving on to two rounds of a sun salutation for kids. Do share it with your friends and family and I hope they all enjoy it! I’ll be uploading more real soon. You can see these directly on YouTube or via my yoga page: mannyngoyoga.wordpress.com

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