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The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Lizzie King x SodaStream

Last month I was invited to a wonderful event. SodaStream had just launched their new range, the Fizzi and had linked up health chef Lizzie King to put on an evening soiree for guests to sample her delicious sugar-free cocktails (and mocktails). As a non-drinker I was a bit unsure if it’d be wise for me to attend but then thought why not?! Just because I don’t drink alcohol doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a beverage. I was also very intrigued on what type of mocktails could be made sugar-free as they are usually loaded with sugar.

The event was held at the Clerkenwell Grind. A lovely urban place to go for drinks and nibbles. The event was held downstairs in an intimate little bar area. I was treated to a lovely drink on arrival – I picked the Watermelon Cooler and all I can say is WOW! It tasted amazing!! Fresh watermelon juice, a hint of mint, all topped up with sparkling water from the SodaStream Fizzi machine. I literally downed my drink, it tasted that good. I also met another mummy blogger there and we started talking. She was also a non-drinker so I felt much better. ūüôā We chatted away about babies, blogging and had a good laugh.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | SodaStream Lizzie King Event

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger | SodaStream Lizzie King EventThen a second round of mocktails came, this time it was a peach bellini. ¬†I was sceptical if it’d be nice and… I was right. It didn’t taste nice. The combination of fresh peaches juiced (which was heavy and bitty) with light sparkling water was something I wasn’t used to. I was not a fan of this combination especially after having the watermelon one. I didn’t finish my bellini mocktail but politely drank enough.

Lizzie King floated about the event, looking amazingly polished in a beautiful white dress teamed with red lips and natural makeup. She looked absolutely stunning. I’ve had a look at her cookbook on Amazon called Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food and it’s got some really nice recipes that I’d like to try out.

Halfway through the event, Lizzie thanked everyone for coming and spoke a little bit more about her recipes including the mocktails. She explained that she wanted to create something the whole family could enjoy which wasn’t loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients. The #sparklingsummer drinks recipe book has 5 interesting recipes to try including the two I tried (the watermelon one and peach one). There’s also a cocktail and mocktail guide at the end of the booklet to show you how to get the best mix.

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger | SodaStream Lizzie King event
The Greenwich Mummy Blogger | SodaStream Lizzie King event

Before the end of the evening, I had a bit of fun with all the different SodaStream machines. I tried the entry level range, the Fizzi (pictured above) which was super easy to use and I loved the traditional push button function. All the other machines had an automatic button function. The sleek design of the Fizzi would look great on anyone’s kitchen worktop. At the end of the event, I received my very own SodaStream Fizzi complete with a #sparklingsummer drink recipe book to try out at home. I was over the moon!

A month on, all I can say is that I am still in love with my Fizzi machine. It’s like having sparkling water on tap! ūüôā The kids still love their water and squash with water but now LO can ask for “fizzy juice” (sugar-free dilute squash with sparkling water) and I don’t have to feel guilty about giving it to him. I’ve hardly had soft drinks since I started my health and fitness journey but now I can enjoy a little bit of fizz without feeling guilty.

With our Fizzi machine, we use it on a daily basis. We just can’t get enough of it! I’m yet to host a house party to show off my mocktail skills but I’m very happy that in the meantime I can offer friends and family both still and sparkling beverages. All of the machines have a gas canister that needs to be changed when it runs out. I have used mine daily and I think there’s still quite a lot of uses left which makes the Fizzi an economical purchase. The canisters are available from Argos and I’ve been told by the SodaStream team that empty canisters can be returned to the Argos stores for safe disposal.

If you’re looking for a new useful gadget in the home and are a fan of sparkling drinks, I highly recommend purchasing the SodaStream machines. Prices start from ¬£99.99 for the new ranges but I’ve found older models on Google from just ¬£40… a bargain. ūüôā

My Fitness Journey: Progress Update #2

It’s now October and has been two months since I started my fitness journey in August. You can check out my one month progress update here – my body fat percentage has improved a lot which I am very happy about. ūüôā My body composition now looks like this:

Starting weight: 56.2kg, Current weight: 54.1kg
Starting BMI: 24.3, Current BMI:23.4
Starting body fat: 30.7%, Current body fat: 26.2%
(August 1st & October 9th values)

Here’s a photo of how my body looks so far:The Greenwich Mummy Blog: My Fitness Journey

Not much has changed from profile view but I can see a little ab definition coming through at the top. The side view shows off more progress – you can really see that the size of the waist has decreased. Woop woop! ūüôā I will upload some full length shots soon.

I am very happy with my results so far. I’ve currently lost just over 2kg and aim to lose just a little more whilst trying to keep as much muscle mass as possible. My goal weight would be my pre-baby weight which was 49kg but I don’t think I will be able to get there without losing muscle mass so if I get down to 52kg and lose more body fat, I would be happy with that. I don’t¬†like to focus much on weight loss as I think fat loss is more important. Muscle weighs more than fat so the more muscle I gain, the more weight I’ll gain too.

What I’ve been up to

I’ve been on a fabulous workout event I came across on Eventbrite called TotalBody Brunch. It was brilliant! The event was hosted by Chiara Pellegrino who is a PT and fitness lifestyle blogger. She’s amazing and her workout really worked up a sweat! Post-workout we were treated to some yummy healthy snacks from Fresh Fitness Food¬†and one of the nutritionists from FFF gave us a nutritional talk which was very useful. I also went to an amazing meditation & sound healing class last week. It was a taster session and all I can say was that it was brilliant! I’ve never meditated properly (only touched on it in yoga and through my Be Calm mindfulness app) so it was lovely to do something like that. We were given a sound bath for 20mins and it involved the lovely Kalie playing a series of sound instruments to create vibrations which resonates through our bodies to ‘heal’ our mind and body. The instruments included a gong, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, a Native American drum and some other instruments I’d forgotten the name of.

I was fully relaxed and even drifted off somewhere that was in-between being awake and being asleep. It’s very hard to describe but a lovely experience. I felt so relaxed afterwards and actually felt calm and relaxed for the rest of the day. No shouting at the kids for once! Kalie hosts two sessions a week (Wednesdays 10-11am and Thursdays 7-8pm) so if you want to try a meditation/sound healing therapy class in Greenwich I can highly recommend her.

I’ve got a couple more events that I want to go to including The Om Yoga Show and the Glasshouse Yoga which is a popup hot yoga event in… get this, a greenhouse! ūüôā

What my week looks like

I’ve been going to the free weights area a little less these past weeks and the reason is because I want to lose a bit more body fat so need to up the cardio. My current workout routine has changed from last month and now looks like this:

  • Monday: Boxfit (and¬†strength training if I have energy)
  • Tuesday:¬†Yoga and Zumba
  • Wednesday: Strength training or rest day
  • Thursday: Total body conditioning
  • Friday: Pilates (and Yoga if I can wake up early enough)
  • Saturday & Sunday – rest day

I do stray from my routine when I have my nephew around or have other things planned. I would usually then skip the classes or strength training for that day. Also if my body is really sore from the day before, I always listen to my body and give it a rest and resume my routine when I’m better. I’ve also been using epsom bath salts on the days I have intense workouts to try and help my muscles relax and repair quicker.

What I’ve been¬†eating

I’ve¬†been good and have stuck to my healthy eating most of the time. I do occasionally treat myself to chocolate and the odd pizza; after all¬†it’s all about balance and finding a sustainable way of eating healthy.¬†ūüôā Last week,¬†for the first time since being pregnant, I had white potatoes (my sister made sausages and mash) and it was absolutely delicious! Oh my!¬†I’d forgotten how much I love white potatoes but they’re¬†not great when it comes to¬†blood glucose levels (they’re high-GI) so I won’t be eating them¬†often but will occasionally introduce them into my meals.

I will continue to eat a low-carb, high-fat diet as it’s working really well for me and it’ll also help me in reducing my risk of getting diabetes later in life. Carbs are very important so I would never, ever cut them out but will cut down and obviously choose more complex carbs over the simple ones – sorry if that sounded all science-y. ūüôā

Turkey breast steaks are my staple purchase (I haven’t had red meat in a while) though I¬†just had salmon recently and forgotten how yummy it is and wonder why I don’t buy it more regularly! I love fish and LO seems to enjoy it too so I will be adding it to our weekly shopping list from now.¬†I still take a protein supplement which I take on workout days (pre and post workout) and¬†between meals on non-workout days. I am currently using PhD Diet Whey Salted Caramel and it’s so delicious. I can’t get enough of it.

I still have a little while to go but I’m losing weight and body fat and most importantly feeling healthier and stronger every day. I can’t wait to see where I’m at in six months time. I have a goal weight and goal body fat percentage but won’t be too upset if I don’t reach it as I’m in this for the long haul so any progress is the best progress. #progressnotperfection

My Holland and Barrett Mini Haul

The Greenwich Mummy | Holland & Barrett Haul
My Holland & Barrett Mini Haul (I forgot to take a photo of the fat burner tablets!)

Okay, so this haul is more of a mini-haul as it only consists of three products I bought from Holland and Barrett a few weeks ago. H&B is my go-to store¬†when I am looking for anything to do with health foods and supplements. I love their nut mixes especially the carob-coated nut mix¬†and the stores always¬†stocks a wide variety of my beloved Nakd food bars. If you’ve never tried one, I suggest you go out and buy one asap because that’s how good they are and they’re healthy for you.

As I have been embarking on my health fitness journey, I bought a few things which I thought would help me along the way… Continue reading “My Holland and Barrett Mini Haul”

Review: My Mother & Baby Pilates class with Bing Pilates Greenwich

I made a vow to myself that I would get fit once I had my baby and I’ve been trying to stay true to my words so when I got an email from the team at Bing Pilates Greenwich¬†to collaborate¬†and try out one of their classes I couldn’t say no. (I’ve also got a exclusive July offer for you below!)

I’ve tried pilates once before when I was at uni and I absolutely loved it! It’s all about strengthening your core muscles, improving posture and stability which are three of the things I really want to achieve from post-pregnancy exercise. I have been looking for local post-natal exercise classes that are affordable and Bing Pilates seemed to fit the bill.

About the classes

The Greenwich Mummy - Bing Pilates Greenwich
Bingxi Wang: Founder of Bing Pilates (Photo Credit: Bing Pilates)

The classes are run by the lovely Bingxi Wang. She is a qualified teacher and a director of the Pilates Foundation. Alongside her reputable credentials, she has a background in dance and science which really shows in the way she demonstrates the moves and explains why we do them.

The one-hour sessions are held at the following local venues; Manor House library in Lee where I had my session, the New Haddo Centre in Greenwich and The Bridge in East Greenwich (from September). Bingxi offers a wide range of pilates including general mixed abilty classes, pre-natal classes, mother & baby (post-natal), over 70s pilates, pilates at work and also one-to-one sessions.

My first class

I was booked on the mum & baby pilates class which I was told would be performed on mats.¬†I went along morning class held at Manor House library¬†which was easy to locate¬†but as I was running late that day I took an Uber cab there¬†instead.¬†I arrived early so I explored the Manor House Gardens which was stunning. It’s a wonderful location (I’ve not seen the Greenwich location) and¬†has a nice albeit slightly pricey¬†cafe to grab a quick drink before class. There’s even a play area for children right next to the cafe.¬†

The Greenwich Mummy Blogger - Bing Pilates Greenwich Review
Baby Girl & me on the way to pilates / Instagram

There were four of us mummies including me. I was surprised on how small the class was; I was expecting a much larger group as I know her classes are very popular. Bingxi started off our session with some gentle warm-up exercises then moved us on to the real moves.

We worked on our core muscles and stretching exercises. She¬†then asked each of us what else we wanted to concentrated on and I opted for more core work. As my abs were no longer separated I was allowed to perform mini crunches with my leg lifts. I’m not going to lie… it was a killer! I found it so difficult but weirdly satisfying when I did manage to do it properly. Each of us were at different stages and doing our own exercises¬†which I think was brilliant as I didn’t feel any pressure¬†to go through the moves quickly to keep up with the¬†other mums. Bingxi watched over us individually¬†which made me feel like I had a¬†private one-to-one session instead of a group session. Brilliant! ūüôā

Baby Girl was a little fussy but overall pretty good for her first class. Feeding baby (breast or bottle) was encouraged during the session. As I fed my bubba, Bingxi showed me some stretching moves that I could do whilst I was feeding. Our session ended with some more stretch exercises. I was very happy with my first¬†post-pregnancy exercise class and felt so good I went home and slept so well that night! All that stretching was well needed and definitely paid off – probably a little too much as I was a little sore the next day. (I think I did too many reps than I was supposed to!) I’ve already booked my next class – that’s how much I enjoyed it.

A brilliant teacher and¬†a great¬†workout. What’s not to love?

Bingxi is a very gentle and patient teacher. She keeps her classes small (no more than¬†4-5 students per class) so she can easily dedicate her time and energy to each individual – something you wouldn’t necessarily get in bigger classes. Bing Pilates¬†classes are also reasonably priced and flexible. You can choose to book single¬†classes (¬£15 -price correct as of 07/07/2016) or save money by booking in¬†blocks¬†of 5 or 10 classes. If you book a block and realise you can’t make it to that session, you can swap it for another day or time – pretty good eh?

Have you tried pilates before?
What do you think of the exercise? Leave your comments below ūüôā


2 For 1 on your first Pilates class:
Courtesy of Bing Pilates, I have an exclusive blog promo to give to you lovely people. Get 2 tickets for the price of 1 on your first Pilates class which is just £5!

The offer can be redeemed against any pilates class and at any location. All you need to do is simply call or email ¬†and quote “Mummy241” upon booking.

For more news, check out the Facebook page:

We were given a complimentary introductory pilates class by Bing Pilates. All words, opinions and photos taken by me are my own. The select photos that are not mine have been credited respectively.

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