My top 10 products to buy a new mum & baby

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Top 10 Buys Kiddicare Wishlist
The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Top 10 Buys Kiddicare Wishlist
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(If you’re not expecting and reading this, here are some great gifts for family members or friends who are)

Expecting a baby whether it’s your first or third is a wonderful experience but it can also be a stressful one. Planning ahead can make things a little easier but from my experience I found that by ‘winging it’ and improvising along the way yields near enough the same results so why add on the extra stress? It’s a bit harder to not stress when it’s your first baby – I remember when I was pregnant with LO I made plans and notes constantly. 1) because of baby brain, I could hardly remember anything and needed constant reminders and 2) I became a little OCD with planning because at the time it felt like it was making a difference and made me feel more in control of my pregnancy.

If you’re a mum to be, you can use this post as a starting point for your wishlist… gifts are what baby showers or  baby sprinkles (mini showers for 2nd, 3rd babies) are for! Don’t be shy ladies, everyone who has children knows how hard and expensive raising a child/children can be and we all need a little help from time to time and showers are the time they should be accepted without arguments. Just don’t go crazy and extravagant with your wishlist or your guests may not turn up! 🙂

I decided to split this list into 5 products for baby and 5 for the expecting parent because gifts aren’t always for bubba, they’re also for the new mum. (sorry Dads-to-be!) Continue reading “My top 10 products to buy a new mum & baby”

Review: Baby Steps Scratch-Off Calendar For Parents-To-Be

Featured Review: Baby Steps Scratch Off Calendar

A few of my sister’s friends have given birth this month and a few are due in the new year. How exciting is the birth of a newborn baby? It’s really amazing! I can remember back to when I had just given birth to LO – it was an amazing experience albeit a bit rushed.

Everything does seem like a bit of a blur (that’s to that wonderful gas & air) but also because the birth itself, luckily, was very quick. I was in labour for a just 4 hours which is pretty quick for a first-time mum I guess. The second stage of childbirth was only 10 mins which is ridiculously quick! Luckily, Daddy P decided to stay in the room instead of going to get me that hot drink that I’d asked for during labour. 🙂

Baby Steps Scratch Off Calendar Review
The Baby Steps Calendar

When Splash Brands told me about this wonderful new gift they had for parents-to-be, I was thrilled to give a little review on it. It’s called the “Baby Steps scratch-off calendar” and is pretty much what it says on the tin. It’s a wonderful calendar which you scratch off to count down the days. It’s not really something you can give as a baby shower gift as the mum-to-be would be almost at the end of the calendar so it needs to be given earlier on in the pregnancy.

The Baby Steps calendar is quite a big one so it would look best up on the wall. As you can see from the photo above, the calendar is set out in weeks and there’s even a side label to let you know which trimester you’re in. On the calendar you will find each day is either a “tip”, “info” or “trivia” about pregnancy. There’s fun facts such as how much your baby weighs at ‘x’ weeks, how big your baby is in terms of a fruit, vegetable, etc and what is happening in terms of development in that week.

Baby Steps Scratch Off Calendar Review
Scratch off the days to reveal a tip, trivia, or info about pregnancy

For under £13 with FREE delivery from Amazon UK, I would highly recommend this as a gift for parents-to-be who have just announced their special news. I think first-time parents might benefit more from the calendar as it’s a cool way of gaining information about pregnancy and also be used as a countdown to the due date. The overall look of the calendar is super cute and easy to read. The print quality is really good which you can see from the packaging to the calendar.

If you’ve purchased one of these products before, let me know what your thoughts are on them!

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*NB. I was kindly sent this sample by Splash Brands. All thoughts, opinions and photos are my own. The featured image in this post is not mine and has been credited to its original source respectively.