Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

The different flavours of Chinese Mooncakes

Vietnamese Sticky Rice Mooncake

Known as Tết Trung Thu (Mid Autumn Festival) is a special occasion where Vietnamese people celebrate by give mooncakes to friends and family as a symbol of well-wishing. It’s a very old tradition, passed on from generations to generations. I certainly remember eating my fair share of the cakes and hated the Chinese mooncakes with the egg yolk inside but loved the seriously sweet sticky-rice version that the Vietnamese eat. I will be indulging in a Vietnamese mooncake this year; it’ll be LO’s first time trying it. I might have to get a Chinese one as well so he can sample the various flavours. 🙂

If you fancy a taste, pop into your local Chinese/Vietnamese supermarket or cash and carry like See Woo to grab one of these. Be quick though as they are so popular and well-known to sell out very quickly!

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
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Weekly Photo Challenge: Half & Half

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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half”

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

Half of mummy and half of daddy, half-Vietnamese and half-Congolese… This week’s photo challenge is dedicated to LO. Both of our cultures and traditions are instilled in LO so he can grow up with the best knowledge of his dual heritage. I always make sure I speak to LO in Vietnamese as well as English and Daddy P reads French books to LO whilst speaking to him in English and sometimes French.

I hope that when LO grows up he’ll be fluent in speaking both languages as well as English and celebrate both wonderful cultures with his own family to carry on his dual-heritage.

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