Pregnancy: 30 weeks

My Pregnancy | The Greenwich Mummy

I am now 30 weeks pregnant! Yay! 🙂

Pregnancy: 30 weeks

I am now the start of the third trimester which is the last stretch before baby is born. I can’t believe there is just 10 weeks left to go! *scared face*


Bump is still very neat I think which is good even though I feel completely massive.. Her little tushie is always pushing against the bottom of my ribcage which is very uncomfortable but she’s so active she’s not stuck under there for long.


Sleep is becoming more of a challenge now bump is bigger and she moves a lot when I’m sleeping. I’m also getting very hot at night – the heating is always on as Daddy P gets cold easily – which is part of the reason my sleep is broken… That and the fact I need to wake up several times in the night for toilet trips!


The gestational diabetes (GD) has returned for this pregnancy but as the reading is low, I should only need occasional meet ups with the diabetic nurse and dietician. I’ve been good in terms of portion control and carb/sugar management but my diet needs improving. I constantly find myself reaching out for the fatty, greasy foods as I know it won’t affect my blood sugars. *hides face in hands*


Strength training and prenatal Pilates are my forms of exercise at the moment. Pilates is a weekly class that helps to strengthen my muscles and will help me to keep my body supple in preparation for birth. The strength training is NOT hardcore – I’m just using ankle/wrist weights (2.5lbs each) with a lot more breathing techniques and stretching exercises combined. I’ve never exercised before and now that I am bigger, I don’t want to over work myself.


My overall well-being is good. I’m relaxed most of the time and as I only work part-time I do have a lot of flexibility which suits me very well. Daddy P also helps out which is great as LO is very… spirited shall we put it. 🙂 I’ve also bought some new skincare products so treated myself a bit and will be off to a spa next week so that will be a lovely treat.

I’m myself myself sane and creative by sketching and painting regularly and now in the middle of redecorating the house. Not a major revamp but just a little lick of paint here and there and buying some new decor to spruce up the house. 🙂


Just announcing some news….

My Pregnancy | The Greenwich Mummy
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I’m expecting a little PINK bundle of joy in May 2016!

Very excited. Very tired.

I have a feeling this little one is coming earlier than her due date but we shall see. I’ve kept it VERY hush-hush for a little while now but finally I am ready to come out and announce the news. Hopefully, it’ll also mean more regular posting but I will see how it goes because I’ve been simply exhausted since the start of the pregnancy.

I thought it’d be nice to share some lovely news with my lovely readers to end the first month of 2016. 🙂

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