Pregnancy: 36 Weeks

My Pregnancy | The Greenwich Mummy

I can’t believe it’s week 36 already!

… I can now say the end of this pregnancy is almost near. 🙂

Pregnancy: 36 weeks | The Greenwich Mummy

I’ve been logging back into my BabyCentre forum (May 2016 board) and discovered there are a few of us May mums that have met their bubbas already. According to the BabyCentre website babies born from 37 weeks are considered full-term which is a relief. I have been suffering with Braxton Hicks contractions since about 28 weeks pregnant so I am very glad I haven’t popped just yet. 🙂 They also say that you feel the pain, BH contractions etc much more in subsequent pregnancies as the muscles are already stretched out and slacked.

How I’m feeling…

Most days I feel good mentally but physically I am exhausted. Emotionally; it’s hit-and-miss but predominately good (… when I’m not screaming at LO for jumping off the sofa and onto the armchair across the room!).

I’ve been a busy bunny this week; LO returned back to nursery this Tuesday which gave me some time to clean the house, wash Baby Girl’s clothes and work on an illustration. I think I am reaching that “nesting” phase in pregnancy though I am not as obsessive about cleaning as much as I was when I was pregnant with LO.

What I’ve been up to…

I went along with a friend to a pregnancy yoga class in Camden last weekend and definitely recommend any expecting mum to give it a try no matter what semester you’re in. It’s very gentle but you do work up a bit of a sweat… Well, I did a little so maybe that’s just me. The class was held by TriYoga – they have branches all around London but we went on Saturday morning which was the Camden class.

After our lovely yoga sesh, my friend and I went to a nearby vegan/vegetarian restaurant for lunch. She had a lovely salad and I opted for a halloumi cheese and grilled aubergine burger which was incredibly tasty and low in carbs which was great for me.

Yesterday, I met up with my sisters for a lovely lunch at Big Easy in Canary Wharf. It was lovely to get out and have a nice day out with my siblings and I really enjoyed their company. LO was at nursery so it was like a little luxury for me to be out without the little one.

A busy few weeks ahead

As I like to keep busy, I have a few things scheduled for the next few weeks. Tomorrow (Saturday) I have my friend’s baby shower which I am hosting and somewhat a part of as I am celebrating it as my ‘baby sprinkle’ too 🙂 I’m not having a shower this time as I think one for the first child but as I’m having a girl this time, a “sprinkle” will do. 🙂 Then the week after, I have what may be my last pregnancy massage before birth – I’ve also booked it with a facial. Then at the start of May, I will be heading down to Cowshed at Shoreditch house with my mother-to-be friend for a lovely maternity leg/foot treatment and on bank holiday Monday, I will be meeting up with my friend for waffles at a lovely dessert bar although I will probably have just a diet coke float.

Pregnancy: 34 Weeks

My Pregnancy | The Greenwich Mummy

Only 6 weeks left until my due date! Eeeeek – not long to go now…

I’ve started my maternity leave as of last week. A little early I know but to be honest I am glad I have taken it now as I can really feel how much my body craves sleep and rest. I have to see a diabetic nurse for the gestational diabetes so the early leave has worked out well for me. This weekend I will be witnessing a school friend’s wedding which will be great fun and amazing but I am scared that my readings are going to get ruined as I am helping with some of the wedding arrangements and don’t think I will be able to eat properly. I also think the wedding reception menu will have a lot of carbs so I am going to have to really watch it.


It’s been good, I’ve been trying my best to control it with my new diet plan but I still find myself cheating every now and then but it’s okay because I make sure I count the calories and carbs so I don’t go over my limit. I found that following a low GI diet has helped me a lot. By knowing which carb foods can push up my blood sugars and which carbs are slow-releasing allows me to eat a good amount and get a good reading.

I have to make sure that I test my blood sugars daily – four times a day to be precise! The tips of my fingers are starting to get sore from the pricking. 😦 It also helps that I have regular appointments (every 2 weeks) with the diabetic nurse to make sure I stay on track and help me manage my GD better. The last time I visited she warned me that I may have to start taking medication if my body can’t manage on diet alone but I think it can. I just needed help understanding the whole low/high GI foods which I now understand much better.


My belly button is sticking out now. The skin is very taut and sometimes a little itchy. I find it really hard to sleep as well, my sides are starting to ache due to the pressure of my body weight on my side. As baby girl’s feet was always poking under my diaphragm and ribs, I kept feeling like I had acid reflux when I was sleeping. I realised that I just needed my head raised higher than the rest of my body so I used my nursing pillow to sleep on which has really helped. It’s actually really comfortable sleeping on the nursing pillow as well and I am so glad I bought a new one as I sold my previous one after LO no longer needed it.

I have been slacking with the exercise so I need to start doing it again. A pregnant friend of mine has invited me to pregnancy yoga in a couple of week’s time so I cannot wait for that. I need to also start picking up the pregnancy pilates class again. All the stretching from the class should help alleviate some of the tension in my body and help to strengthen my body for birth.


I’ve been pretty chilled so far but it’s starting to settle in how close I am to meeting baby girl now. It’s making me a little apprehensive – I think I worry a lot when I have an idea of what’s going to happen. When I was pregnant with LO I didn’t have a care in the world and just took every day as it came and only stressed out a little bit a couple of weeks before he was born. This time however, I think because I know what to expect, I am kind of looking out for the signs which is really annoying as I can’t just CHILL OUT sometimes. I think also because I am expecting baby girl to come early, I am just really anxious. I’ve got a few spa treatments lined up for end of April/beginning of May so hopefully I can take my mind of things after then. For now, I will keep myself pre-occupied with baking, making, and blogging. 🙂

Pregnancy: 30 weeks

My Pregnancy | The Greenwich Mummy

I am now 30 weeks pregnant! Yay! 🙂

Pregnancy: 30 weeks

I am now the start of the third trimester which is the last stretch before baby is born. I can’t believe there is just 10 weeks left to go! *scared face*


Bump is still very neat I think which is good even though I feel completely massive.. Her little tushie is always pushing against the bottom of my ribcage which is very uncomfortable but she’s so active she’s not stuck under there for long.


Sleep is becoming more of a challenge now bump is bigger and she moves a lot when I’m sleeping. I’m also getting very hot at night – the heating is always on as Daddy P gets cold easily – which is part of the reason my sleep is broken… That and the fact I need to wake up several times in the night for toilet trips!


The gestational diabetes (GD) has returned for this pregnancy but as the reading is low, I should only need occasional meet ups with the diabetic nurse and dietician. I’ve been good in terms of portion control and carb/sugar management but my diet needs improving. I constantly find myself reaching out for the fatty, greasy foods as I know it won’t affect my blood sugars. *hides face in hands*


Strength training and prenatal Pilates are my forms of exercise at the moment. Pilates is a weekly class that helps to strengthen my muscles and will help me to keep my body supple in preparation for birth. The strength training is NOT hardcore – I’m just using ankle/wrist weights (2.5lbs each) with a lot more breathing techniques and stretching exercises combined. I’ve never exercised before and now that I am bigger, I don’t want to over work myself.


My overall well-being is good. I’m relaxed most of the time and as I only work part-time I do have a lot of flexibility which suits me very well. Daddy P also helps out which is great as LO is very… spirited shall we put it. 🙂 I’ve also bought some new skincare products so treated myself a bit and will be off to a spa next week so that will be a lovely treat.

I’m myself myself sane and creative by sketching and painting regularly and now in the middle of redecorating the house. Not a major revamp but just a little lick of paint here and there and buying some new decor to spruce up the house. 🙂