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The majority of my product reviews are from products/services that I’ve paid for myself. My reviews are written by me using my own words, opinions and I always try my best to express an unbiased view. All photos are mine unless otherwise stated – then in that instance, they would be credited respectively.

I’ve also been lucky enough to work with a range of brands over the years that I’ve been blogging and I am extremely thankful for having the opportunity. The brands I’ve worked with have all been amazing and all of their products/services have been top notch.

Brand Collaborations

Reviews that I have written in collaboration with brands are tagged as “brand collaboration“. You may also come across a ‘guest post’ – this is where an individual/brand/company has written content to be published on my blog for free. If you see the ‘ad/sponsored’ tag on a blog post that means that I have been compensated with a product/service/money in exchange for my writing.

Affiliate links

You may also come across affiliate links on my blog, usually there would be a disclosure at the bottom of the post. If you clicked on one/any of these links I would earn a small fee in commission at no expense to you.

Take a look at my brand collaboration posts here,

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