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Brand Collaboration Reviews

The majority of my reviews are from products and services I have bought and paid for myself.

There are some reviews that have been written in collaboration with another brand or company in exchange for a complimentary service or PR sample. In these cases, I’ve tagged the post as “brand collaboration“.

All reviews have been solely written by me with my own words and opinions. I try to use my own photos as much as I can but where I can’t I’ve credited the source respectively.

Affiliate Links

On my blog, you may come across affiliate links.

I’ve made sure that all  of the advertisements I display are completely relevant to my blog to ensure a good fit. All of the ads/links have been carefully selected by me from brands that I genuinely love and use personally – in return I just wanted to make them available to you guys through my blog so you don’t have to go elsewhere to find it.
(How thoughtful am I right?!)

If you do decide to buy something via an affiliated link, I would be compensated a small fee for the transaction at no extra cost to you. So you would be able to get the products you want and I’d get rewarded a little bit for showing you that product (kind of like a friend-referral scheme).

How to spot an affiliated link: I have been trying to go through my blog posts to make sure I state at the bottom that the post contains affiliate links. However there may be some posts that I’ve missed or not got round to. If you land on one of these posts, you can check whether it contains an affiliate link or not as the URL will start with ‘awin1.com’ or ‘click.linksynergy.com’ or have a tidd.ly shortlink.

If you have any questions simply contact me and I’d be happy to explain further. I hope I’ve made everything transparent enough.

Happy reading!