Monday Morning Catch Up #11

… I know – it’s no longer the morning but it is still Monday so I get some points for still publishing something right?!

It’s not really been that hectic but I’ve gotten out of the swing of scheduling posts in advance – I have so much to catch up on! I hadn’t even realised that I did not even post anything during the whole week last week! (Tut Tut! *slaps wrist*) – I really need to get things going again.

The Whole of Last Week…

So the whole of last week, what did I do? The thing is, my memory never lets me remember that far back! I remember last week Monday was pretty “okay”… Tuesday & Friday I was at work which was also “okay”… Wednesday and Thursday mornings were super cool as I was with my Beanstalk children. They all finished reading their first book. One of the little children who is quite shy read the whole book by herself on Thursday and I couldn’t be any more proud – I can’t believe how much progress they have already made! The other two children are good readers and read well by themselves and I can see already what kind of books excite them and what doesn’t. After my reading sessions, I usually head into town for a spot of mini shopping but last week was so broke, I had to resort to window-shopping. (sad times!)

We also had a couple days of sun so I managed to take LO to the nearby park after nursery. He loves the park – if only it weren’t for my hayfever I would be out all day at the park with him but unfortunately no matter how many hayfever tablets, sprays etc I use, I can’t get protection all day. 😦

The Greenwich Mummy
In the park – fascinated by the big leaf!

Saturday was the day The Greenwich Centre was opened. It’s a new building that hosts a library, leisure centre and a council customer service section all under one roof. It’s a pretty cool place and the library is pretty cute. Take a look at my recent post on The Greenwich Centre opening to learn more… otherwise just take a look at the cool exterior below:

The new Greenwich Centre is now open

Sunday was a lovely chillout kind-of-day… I didn’t my nephew Lil’s around this weekend so the day went by much slower which was quite nice to have a quiet Sunday for the first time again in a long time. I managed to have enough time on my hands to make a lamb roast complete with garden veggies and even a little Vietnamese dessert made with grass jelly and soya milk. I also made myself a lovely iced coffee using condensed milk, ice, and instant coffee granules…. Yum!

The Greemwich Mummy | Roast Lamb
Delicious roast lamb with mint stuffing & vegetables

I hope everyone’s weekend was a blast – let’s get ready for the week ahead!

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Monday Morning Catch Up #10

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

The Greenwich Mummy | Hello June

Happy 1st of June everyone! 

This week is said to have good weather and today seems like it will be a lovely sunny day too. 🙂 Yay! Summer is finally on its way! Last week was a really good one, We just got some fish (3 rosy barbs which LO calls baby fish) and a friend came round on Friday for a good catch up. very chilled and the weekend was also the same.

LO and I went to baby girl’s 1st birthday party. It was wonderful and for the first time, LO was able to have a lot of fun without having to cling to me constantly throughout the party. I was very surprised and also happy as it meant that he is now becoming more confident in himself and his surroundings. (Aawwww!) I was given the job as the party face-painter which I think I did an ‘alright’ job but everyone kept commenting how good it was so maybe I do have a little knack for it. Here’s a little photo of LO’s second face-paint as his first one (which was a cat face) had rubbed off from all the playing and another little face-paint I did for a friend.

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

Pretty simple face-paints but everyone loved it and I loved doing it which was good. At the end of the party we were all given a party bag with lots of sweets and a yummy giant cupcake which I helped scoff down for LO hehe 🙂

We woke up a little late on Sunday which then made me run late for a lunch with friends that I had. We went to Tanya’ Cafe located in Chelsea, London. It’s a raw vegan restaurant so if you fancy trying some raw vegan desserts, I would highly recommend this place. My friends had the mains but as it’s all raw food, it’s not filling at all so I wouldn’t recommend going here on an empty stomach.

As I was so late I only managed to order a drink and dessert; I have the hot chocolate and the caramel slice. Both were delicious and the caramel slice doesn’t actually have caramel in it, it a mix of coconut, banana, and possibly nuts like cashews, walnuts, and there was of course cacao powder to create the top layer of the caramel slice.

The Greenwich Mummy | Tanyas Cafe
Photo Credit: Locappy

Let’s hope the weather stays like today 🙂

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Monday Morning Catch Up #9

The Greenwich Mummy | Monday Morning Catch Up

A really busy week it’s been… So much so that I should have put up a “blog on vacation” sign in advance to make you all aware but I was too caught up in my situation I didn’t really think about it until yesterday hence the mini-hiatus post. I will create a “blog on vacation” page in case I’ll need it again for any future hiatus.

This wonderful day was lovely but very long. We had another family communion that we needed to attend. As the previous outfit we had bought for LO didn’t fit we had to skip the church and go looking for an outfit. We managed to find a really cute pair of jeans from George by Asda which was cheap and cheerful. It also went really well with his denim shirt and brown moccasins shoes. I also did finger coils in his hair which lasted all day, which I am very surprised about.

We actually didn’t get home from the communion party until 1:30am as it was our family gathering we had to stay behind to help out and both daddy and I don’t drive so we had to wait for a lift from the family. LO was still full of beans – probably from the can of fizzy pop he drank at the party.

Our Sunday was a lie-in for us and time to recover. Daddy had to leave early for Manchester to watch the live game between Man. United vs Arsenal which was a “good game” (daddy’s words). For LO and I, we stayed in all day and Lils came round – LO was thrilled to see him. We had a late dinner as no-one got up until 10/11am and had couscous with broccoli and some of the leftover fried chicken and goat meat from the party. It was delish! 🙂