The Curly Girl Method: from straight hair to wavy hair

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As long as I can remember, I’ve always considered myself as having straight hair. It was only until two years ago when I had my hair cut by my favourite stylist at my previous workplace, she told me that my hair was wavy. I’ve always had bends and kinks in my hair – it’s not dead straight so I should’ve thought about it more before and researched it. However, all of my family members have straight hair plus I’m Asian and there’s not many of us who are naturally curly girls.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | How to make straight hair wavy!
Dreamy waves / Photo by Averie Woodard on Unsplash

As I’ve been looking after Baby Girl’s hair better and researching the different types of curl types, hair density and porosity, I think I’ve worked out her hair type and mine. The articles on British Curlies and Natural Barnet have helped me out a lot. They are UK sites and feature more products that we can get our hands on. For the US, I love, and All Things Hair.

According to British Curlies, I have S’wavy/Wavy hair which is great but because I really do have to work hard to get my curls going once it dries, I think I err more on the s’wavy side. 🙂

I would say my curl type is 2A, fine to medium density, and low porosity. I have a slight wave in the hair which I had never really noticed before. I always thought my hair was just a little thicker than normal and hard to manage because of the frizz. It responds really well to heat but I try to avoid heating tools because of the damage. I colour my hair a lot so I have to try and reduce the damage by cutting certain things out.

So with my new-found waves, I began researching more into the Curly Girl Method. It’s a method of hair maintenance using sulfate-free and silicone-free products and conditioning as these ingredients can really damage and weigh down curly hair types. Silicones can build up in the hair and are known to prevent natural curls from unleashing their full potential. As my hair is fine/medium density, I am choosing to not co-wash but using a low-poo (sulfate-free shampoo) instead.

What is the Curly Girl Method?

If you’ve been looking into the Curly Girl method and not sure where to start, here’s what you should be doing… Do not use conventional haircare products, all haircare products must be free from silicones and sulfates!

Cleansing – choose to either wash your hair with a low-poo (sulfate-free shampoo) or co-wash (with a conditioning cleanser)

Condition – use a conditioner that is right for your hair density and porosity, if your hair is fine-medium use a lightweight conditioner, if your hair is medium-thick/coarse, use a very moisturising and nourishing conditioner

Treatment – use a hair masque once or twice a week to treat the hair to extra moisture. Just like the conditioner, use a product that is ideal for your hair condition (curl type, density, porosity)

Styling – choose your weapon! If you have waves to loose curls, use something lightweight like a gel or mousse to define the waves. If you prefer a softer look, use a lightweight cream, lotion or milk. If you have tight curls or coily hair you will need a more moisturising product to control frizz and manage your curls. A leave-in conditioner or cream would work best on your hair.

Which curl type are you?

Here are two brilliant illustrations that can help you to identify your curl type

The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Curly Girl Method Hair Journey
Types 1 to 2 / Source: Rebloggy
The Greenwich Mummy Blog - Curly Girl Method Hair Journey
Types 3 to 4 / Source: Rebloggy

Product ingredients to avoid…

British Curlies which has become my ingredients list bible – it displays all the product nasties you’ll need to avoid: – it explains the difference between insoluble and soluble silicones and alcohols to avoid.

I really want to purchase some of the haircare products that are a CGM (Curly Girl Method) staple but 1. I can’t afford it, or 2. it’s just available in the US – boo! So I tracked down a few UK brands that specialise in wavy hair to try out and hopefully bring out my new waves/curls. 🙂

Brands that free from silicone, sulfates and other nasties:

  • Cantu
  • Noughty
  • Shea Moisture
  • Boucleme
  • Kind Natured

Liz Earle is a British brand that I really love – they are a botanical product company with haircare products that are free from all the nasties above. The only thing is they don’t have a specialised range for wavy/curly hair but it’s a brand I’ve tried before (pre-CGM) but would love to try again once my waves have come into full swing.

My CGM routine

Right now, this is my Curly Girl Method routine which I do about twice a week. I’m a month into CG and have not looked back! Apparently it’s said to take around 6-8 weeks before my natural curl pattern will start coming through however I can already feel my hair texture is changing. The curls are becoming more visible week by week (I’m now in week 4) and I am loving it!

Here are the products I’m using:

Cleansing/Low-poo – Noughty Wave Hello shampoo (I don’t co-wash)
Conditioner – Noughty Wave Hello conditioner
Treatment – I’m not using a deep weekly treattment but I recommend Shea Moisture Fruit Fusion Weightless Masque (once weekly) for wavy hair
Styling – Umberto Giannini Scrunching Jelly (a CGM staple product) which I am totally in love with! I also use Giovanni GNV styling mousse which is so lightweight. Both products are fantastic and do not leave a sticky feel. I’ll do a Youtube review of these products soon and will embed the video on here once it’s published.

I took a photo once every week to see how my hair has progressed so far and it’s really come a long way! When my hair is wet it curls much more but the hair underneath the head feels more thicker and heavier so it still doesn’t curl much but there’s a few kinks coming along so hopefully in a few month’s time, that will improve.

The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Curly Girl Method: My wavy hair journey
Week 1
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Curly Girl Method: My wavy hair journey
Week 2
The Greenwich Mummy Blog | Curly Girl Method: My wavy hair journey
Week 3

Have you got wavy hair? Do you embrace your waves or straighten them? Let me know what products you use on your waves/curls in the comments box below. x


4 thoughts on “The Curly Girl Method: from straight hair to wavy hair

  1. Hi Manny,

    thank you so much for sharing our hair journey and your product recommendations!
    I’ve searched the internet far and wide for some UK based insider tips on the curly girl method, because (as you’ve probably found out yourself already) many of the products mentioned online by Americans aren’t available over here.

    I’m a type 2A, too and just ordered the Wave Hello set by Noughty and the Love Curls set with Bamboo & Sea Kelp by Kind Natured. Both brands are offering a 30% discount for Easter right now. Cannot wait to try them out! I’m also very tempted to buy some Shea Moisture products from the ranges Frizz Defense with Raw Shea & Cupuacu and Fruit Fusion, because Boots is ALSO having a 3 for 2 on selected haircare products. Why are there so many hair care deals on at once?! haha

    I LOVE the way your hair looks in week 2. Such an amazing transformation!
    In week 3 your hair looks a bit weighed down which can often happen with build up of product containing so many nourishing oils. My hair tends to do the same. Do you have any tips for taking care of the buildup without stripping the hair? So far I’ve always used shampoo (even on the ends) whenever this happened. There must be a hair-friendlier way of doing this…

    xx Nicole

    PS: Loving your mermaid/rainbow hairdo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Nicole! Thank you for your lovely comment and I’m so glad you’ve found it helpful! It is very hard to find CGM products. I am yet to try Kind Natured but might give it a go soon. I’ve still got my Noughty products that I started with – they’ve lasted quite well!

      In regards to the build-up (I think week 3 my hair was still a little wet at the ends when I took that photo. Week 2 photo hair was fully dried and I slept with it up (hair plopping in a hair wrap). 🙂 I think the low-poo will help with the product/oil build-up. I dont use products with PEG-silicones or PEG-sulfates so I don’t get product buildup, just oil buildup as I wash my hair just once or twice max a week and it does get really greasy. If it’s bad, I’d just do a double rinse of low-poo when I’m washing it.

      I’m drafting up my progress post right now so you can check out how my hair’s going now or see it on my IG posts @mannyngo_yogi 🙂 xx


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