Family Days Out: Meeting The Paw Patrol Pups at Sky Studios At The O2

Last weekend LO and I had a lot of fun in our local area. We decided to take a trip around Greenwich and also visit The O2 as I was told that the Paw Patrol pups were going to be making an appearance at the Sky Studios in The O2 as part of the brand’s new Sky Kids app launch. It was a lovely day out for the whole clan – me, LO, Daddy P and Baby Girl.

Sky Studios at The O2

I heard about the event a few days in advance so decided to announce the fun day out over Twitter and two mummies Facebook group for the local and surrounding area. The Sky Studios opened on Saturday at 11am to the general public but an hour earlier for the PR bloggers. We, unfortunately turned up at the public time – tut tut! When we got there we were kindly greeted by the friendly staff who told us the exciting things we can get up to inside the Sky Studios. On the first level there was three interactive booths where you can sit down and take a photo with the Paw Patrol crew, Ninja Turtles and many more. It’s done via a green screen on the computer which was really fun. I didn’t join in but Daddy P did – even Baby Girl got a lovely photo with LO. 🙂

The Greenwich Mummy | Sky Studios at The O2
LO and Baby Girl posing with the Ninja Turtles
The Greenwich Mummy | Sky Studios at The O2
Daddy P being interviewed on Sky News 🙂

When we (well, LO) got tired of taking photos, we headed up to the next floor where the pop-up play area was located. Here we was able to pop bubbles on an interactive screen, take photos with the Scooby Doo crew as well as Ben and Holly’s kingdom. There were cute little toadstool chairs and tables for the kids to sit down and take part in activities such as colouring in, playing with stickers or have some fun on the interactive tablets nearby. The Sky Studios itself is open all year round however the cool kids are will be here until June 17th.

The Greenwich Mummy | Sky Studios at The O2
The Sky Studios Kids App area at The O2 opens until June 17th (Photo Credit: The O2)

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We was told that the Paw Patrol pups will make their appearance around 12 noon so when it was almost time we went to queue up to meet the pups and get our photo taken. The turnout to meet the pups was fantastic! There was a lot of people that came by. Some who missed the chance on Saturday would’ve been able to catch the pups again on Sunday.

The pop-up Sky Studios Kids App play area is open until June 17th

When queuing the Sky staff asked the public which pup they wanted to come out first – Marshall or Chase and the crowd chanted for the former. That meant Chase wasn’t going to make an appearance til later that afternoon as the meet & greet was scheduled for 12-4pm. When it was our turn to meet Marshall, LO got really shy and didn’t want his photo taken without Daddy P with us. So we ended up with a lovely family photo with Marshall which was really nice.

The Greenwich Mummy | Sky Studios at The O2
Family photo with Marshall
The Greenwich Mummy | Sky Studios at The O2
Marshall from Paw Patrol says hi! (Photo Credit: The O2)

The Thames Clipper

After we had the photo taken, we decided to head up to Greenwich in style – on the Thames Clipper. This riverboat service operates daily from North Greenwich (sometimes Woolwich Arsenal) to the London eye/Waterloo. There are over clipper services available that covers different areas. The views on the Clipper were amazing. We originally wanted to take it up to Waterloo then go the London Aquarium but as the weather wasn’t great we just decided to go for a meal instead. Baby Girl is still exclusively breastfed so I didn’t want to stray too far from home as this was officially our first big day out together.

The Greenwich Mummy | Sky Studios at The O2
A view of The O2 and the Thames Clipper (Photo Credit: The O2)
Onboard the spacious and comfy Thames Clipper
The Greenwich Mummy | Sky Studios at The O2
Our riverboat selfie

We got the Clipper service from the North Greenwich Pier and took it to Greenwich pier which was one stop. The service was super fast and really comfortable. The riverboat is well kitted out with a lovely cafe bar serving hot and cold drinks as well as snacks. I definitely recommend everyone to try the Thames Clipper at least once as it’s a lovely way to travel and currently isn’t susceptible to any traffic.

When we got off at Greenwich we headed to Nandos for a quick lunch and a chance for me to breastfeed Baby Girl – she feeds every 2hrs so it’s really hard to do anything for long. I quickly scoffed down my lovely dish of spicy livers and salad before getting comfortable to feed baby. After we all finished our meal, we had a look around the area. There was a carousel ride which LO wanted to go on. Daddy P sat with LO on one of the horses and had a lovely time as you can tell from the photos below:

Daddy P and LO on the carousel in Greenwich

It started getting cold and time for LO’s nap (I was also really tired) so we decided to head back home on the Clipper. When we got home, I put LO to bed then went to co-sleep with Baby Girl. As LO had a lot of fun, he slept soundly for a good 3hrs which was sheer bliss!

About the Sky Kids app


This lovely day event was for the launch of the Sky Kids app; a kid-friendly app designed specially for children without any annoying ads, is safe and secure to use, and free to download for Sky TV users. It’s available on android and iPhone as well as tablets inc. iPad.

I don’t have Sky TV myself so I can’t comment on its performance however I had a look at the app benefits and it’s really attractive:

– You can create a profile for each child and apply an age filter so you can be in total control of what the kids watch.
– No annoying third-party ads. Parents can also be confident that no inappropriate content will be shown to them.
– It’s supposed to be super easy to use. Kids should be able to navigate their own way around the app – apparently even preschoolers can do it!

For more info on the app, click here

The Sky Studios at The O2 is free to enter and open year round.
*NB. We were invited to the event and given a day pass on the Thames Clipper by Sky Studios at The O2 and AEG.

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